2nd Generation 1979 Sliding Seats

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    Jan 26, 2017
    First, just a little fun information about the 1979 Z28 you can see the little pic of. I've had it since '99

    To go with the theme of this forum's name, you could say that the ‘79 Z28 is White Knuckle Nasty! Because I can remember getting out of that car many times, hands shaking, heart pounding, Adrenalin pumped up and the temperature gauge at about 205°- 210° with that “ran it hard smell” coming out from under the hood.

    Even though my ‘79 Z will top out at about 155 mph, 1:1 with the Super T 10, that speed is also kind of scary even though the car is running smooth at high speed. Both upper and lower grills are air flowing-that’s right, the lower 1979 grill has been opened up with a matching top grill cut in half installed in the hole.

    But it works and looks factory!

    Back to the speed story-

    Some of the old Tran Am F bodies were faster than my 155 mph, I’ve heard stories of TA 178 mph! I knew a guy who worked at the same Chevron gas station I worked at back in 1976 who had a ‘71 TA 455 that did 160.

    TA’s back in those days were all known for being 160 mph cars

    Anyway, the gear that I have had some of the most fun in is 3rd, because in that gear, and back in the early 2000's, that Z was faster than a lot of the cars on the road, including the Mustang GT's I used to race. (Never was beat by one) I would just leave it in 3rd, let them catch up to about my back bumper and floor it again! That '79 Z28 would leave those little ponies, spanking them HARD! They did about 130 mph back then

    It was bye-stang! Bye bye Muh-stang!

    Raced one that was spraying it once, and he was closer to keeping up than any I had ever raced before----surprised the heck out of me, then all of a sudden he turned into a little speck in the rear view. That’s when I figured out he must have released the button! 75-125 shot I think, but I was naturally aspirated at well over 500hp (Z28500’s my name all over the place)

    What fun that car was back in the early 2000's

    I guess Ford must have gotten some complaints, because there’s some faster Mustang's out there now.

    I know this is supposed to be about seats so hold fast for another minute for one more thing because I promise you will like this!!

    I remember reading an article in Super Chevy approximately early 2000's about why people bought Mustangs vs. Camaro's.

    (some of you might remember that article)

    They took a survey and found out that 2 out of 3 Mustang owners were women!

    Boy, did I tease those Mustang owners when I found out that one!

    Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!


    They tried so very very hard to smile and keep up appearances!

    They had just found out that their favorite car was preferred mostly by women!

    The pain was terrible!

    Ha Ha Ha Ha !!

    They lamented, almost in tears--No it's NOT, No, No, it's NOT, it’s NOT TRUE!!

    They sounded like dogs howling at the moon!!

    Oh they complained as they suffered!!


    Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!

    I even looked it up back then, Super Chevy was correct.

    According to the article, this is the reason why,

    Mustangs were a little bit taller, and the SEATS were higher up off of the floorboard than Camaro seats.

    Women liked that for getting in and out of the car with their dresses on! It was easier on them and their dresses!!!

    Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!

    Makes sense if you think about it!!!

    Picture this,

    A cutie pie gets in her Mustang with a nice short fluffy dress on. Maybe her dress is even getting blown around a little bit as she keeps her knees together while she turns them clockwise.

    ALL EYES ARE WATCHING as she places them, knees, stockings and all, underneath the steering wheel!!!

    Of course that would be easier in a higher up off of the ground Mustang!!!

    Oh Boy was I having FUN!!! Almost as much fun as driving fast!

    Embarrassed Mustang owners, all in front of EVERYBODY!!!

    At the Fri & Sat night fast cars meet, everyone's sides were splitting!

    And I was holding my hurting sides, laughing so hard!

    Yup, those were the good 'ole days!!!

    It was fast cars and fun!

    Well, to the Sliding seats, when I took the seats out recently to give the carpet a thorough cleaning, I had seat slider issues I had to fix because they had gotten some surface rust and I had to take them to the grinder brush and clean them up before I could repaint them.

    That was when I "Learned something new" On my '79 Z28,
    the passenger seat has 7 position "Clicks" and the driver's seat has 6 position "Clicks"!

    Hmm. Now there are left and right seat sliders, that is standard on all of our Z’s I think.

    Besides the left and right difference, there is also the difference of an "L" Bracket being on the passenger side slider while the driver's side doesn't have one.
    But other than the L-bracket and the difference in the number of positions, that is all that I am aware of that is different besides the left and the right’s.
    I guess some of you guys are going to go and check your seats out now, but who knows, a previous owner could have bought a replacement seat because one was worn out? But then again, they all might be that way.

    There is other possibility. Back when those cars were made, General Motors would use parts and accessories from the previous years to save money.
    Little things from seat hardware to headlight switches, transmissions to carburetors would be used on various models.
    For example, look at the A/C switches and headlight switches from that era, a lot of them are the same whether they are in a Chevrolet or a Buick.

    The point is, maybe that is why there are a different number of seat positions.

    Either that or it could be like an unusual penny that has a very rare marking, making it super valuable and my Z28 is worth boo-koo bucks because it has a 6 clicker on the left and a 7 clicker on the right!

    Come on y’all, we gotta stick together here! If I sell my car for a 100 g’s because I got rare seats, I’ll throw soma $$ your way for backing me up and providing the evidence!



    A Mustang owner providing evidence qualifies too!
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    I hope you had a roll cage driving at that speed, I have seen the 1978-81 Kelly American IMSA road races and the IROC races on You Tube ? And the Aero packages they had then .To make the car more stable in the upper end,

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    Jan 26, 2017
    When I used to bury the needle years ago, it was survey first, come back and punch it. But I'd hit it and back right off again. That's what I meant about the Adrenalin etc.
    But if you like those old races, there is one at Lime Rock (Right hand track) in '81 that has one of the best edge of the seat finishes I've ever seen. I like that race so much I have a file of it. Two Camaros at the finish, about a 20 inch difference across the finish line, second place horsepowers into 1st across the line--Almost 37 years ago. Very awesome race.
    We used to build engines for some of the circle track racers here in Houston. Got a lot 1st place wins on the engines we built. 2nd & 3rd too. The guy that owned the machine shop passed away. I still build my own engines and transmissions.

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    I have seen that one as well I like to see our cars see in the vintage videos. I have also have seen the Chaparral 1970 Camaro # 1 Trans Am race car .at the Vintage Races .At Pacific Race way Near Seattle.I got some some ideas for my 1979 Z-28 RS Pro-Touring car. I tried to build a replica of the 1977-81 IMSA Camaro race cars , I got the nose from a company called Fibermotive based in Florida .They had the wing and the flairs. But by the time I had the money for them .They were discontinued. I do have some vintage and dicontinued parts such as Vette Brakes Corvette C-4 adjustable monoleaf suspension ,A custom built 377 with all the toys .Weiand 142 supercharged small block Chevy. KYB shocks front Koni rear.WS-6 rear springs ,Super T-10 trans.Competition .3;42 rears Moroso posi.Engineering frame connectors, 1 1/4 front and 7/8 rear. And a lot more Its basically a street car, But I am going add a roll cage down the road. 5529277575_d2325a91e8_b_26512224230_o.jpg 130044932860518017_26257430996_o (1).jpg
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    Jan 26, 2017
    that's pretty cool
    Is that 377 an 010?
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    Stroker crank in a Bow tie block .030 over ,Manley rods Speed Pro .030 blower pistons. Eldelbrock prototype Aluminum Performer cylinder heads Port matched.Manley 2.05/1.60 valve ,Custom Wolverine blower Hydraulic roller camshaft.Crane roller rockers. and stud girdles. Melling high volume pump.Milodon 7 quart road race pan,Moroso windage tray .All ARP bolts and studs. Remote oil filter an cooler. Weiand 142 mini blower 15 LBS of boost,NASCAR style cold air box, HEI distributor with Crane HI-6TR electronic box. That why I meant all the bells and whistles.
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    Jan 26, 2017
    Pretty nice combination, 383 or 434ci?
    Is it a 434??
    4.125 + 0.030 = 4.155

    4.155 x 4.155 = 17.264025 x 4.00 =69.0561

    69.0561 x .7854 = 54.23666094 x 8 = 433.89328752 ci -(434ci)

    Wolverine made a good camshaft. Crane bought them out a long time ago. A Crane line is now Blue Racer.
    One of the nice things about vintage cams like that is that you can get them polished like a crank.
    Even reground, although a little lift is lost
    Yup, good idea on the port match
    One thing I notice a lot is guys not thinking about port matching gaskets, heads, intake, headers, etc
    even checking the carb to intake, makes a difference on flow.
    I like the rules back then that the cubic inches corresponded to the cars weight
    They had a lot of variation back then. Now look at the exact opposite which is NASCAR, they even have the same spoiler angle, besides hold down, it would definitely affect drafting.
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    I learned a lot from some friends of mine about I wanted .They have done several forms of racing. Drag racing road racing ,the Baja 1000 .Plus I did a lot on my own. Mostly a variety of books and subjects Automotive Mechanics .Aviation different forms of racing. .This is before the Internet. I have been "playing cars" since 1977. And while I was at different kinds of racing .I walked around the pits observing things and taking lots of pictures. And trying different things over the years.
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    Jan 26, 2017
    I think you will like this then
    John Lingenfelter was a master engine builder
    we have all read this book
    I tried to do a search for it and couldn't find it
    But I am glad I kept the pdf address in a file
    Free Download

    http://www.ceb.ac.in/knowledge-center/E-BOOKS/Modyfying Small Block Chevy Engines - John Lingenfelter.pdf

    That is a pic of the engine about 2 builds ago it also has an aluminum Water Pump on it, high volume Fuel pump, Half inch fuel line going all the way to the sending unit with all of the old guts ripped out to accommodate the new 1/2" plumbing
    the factory fuel line just didn't have enough volume for high load yet the volumetric efficiency is up in the high 90's 3-1/2" Valve covers to cover the crane roller rockers & Trick flow pushrods going to the comp roller lifters on top of the Crane, Dart 200cc intake runners Iron Eagles because I wanted the heads to be bullet proof. I know it's twice the weight and not as good heat dissipation which makes me use octane boost & 93 octane nice heads though
    I am installing new valve guides in then an about a week and a half, all 16, I got the tools to do it so it is just the price of parts, (I use a mechanical press to R&R those large bronze guides. The seats are 30, 45, 60, 75 degrees and the top of the valve stems all exactly even. I think I will fabricate my own stud girdles since I work with metals a lot. All you do is get the extended locks. measure centers to a half a thousandth
    Bolt two pieces of thick aluminum together and drill the holes, It's not rocket science, just exactness. So for about $25-$35 of aluminum from Speedy Metals (speedymetals.com) I get a set of stud girdles. For that matter, the material can be any metal you choose Alum, steel, even brass, I think alum though for ease of manufacturing--4 pcs of alum, bolts, a tap and a 2 different size drill bits and a drill press. And of course a large caliper. I already have everything except the alum & bolts, You drill the lock holes the exact same size as the locks, then remove several thousandths off of one side of two of the four aluminum bars so that when clamped by the bolts it has some room to squeeze tight-that's it. you can get fancy and anodize it, I've done that before, but why? no one will ever see it and it won't rust

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    Jan 26, 2017
    I finished up restoring (I guess is the best way to put it) those old seat tracks I wrote about in the opening statement. I had brushed them on a bench grinder and painted them, but one was cracked and the bolt hole area was messed up in 2 places on the Drivers side.
    Anyway, I was able to repair it back into perfect working order with some new metal etc
    There is 2 wheels and 4 ball bearings per seat track and 4 seat tracks. Because after pricing them at about $300 for a used set, they got to be out of their minds!
    Not happening, I would shape and make new ones myself before I did that.
    And there is absolutely NO WAY I'd put Chinese seat tracks in that American car!
    That's so sacrilegious that me or the car would probably get struck by lightening or something!
    I really do my best to keep the car as American as possible and absolutely draw the line at Japanese parts! If that ever happened, might as well just give up and buy a Nisson (I hope I spelled it wrong)
    Those 2nd Generation F bodies are getting so old that there seems to be all sorts of little things that need attention. Remember when we used to brag about Chevrolet parts being cheaper than Ford and other makes?

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