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    History of the 283/302/327/350:

    283: 3.875" bore 3" stroke small journal
    302 (street racers 301): 4" bore 3" stroke 283 and 67 & 68 (factory) 302 had small journal 3" stroke cranks. 302 had Tufrided cranks. 69 302 had large journal crank.
    327: 4" bore 3.25" stroke. Early 327's were small journal till 1967 when Chevy went to large journal.
    350: 4" bore 3.48" bore all large journal.

    302: Came in 67, 68, and 69 (Gen 1) Z28 Camaros. 67 & 68 were small journal (same stroke and journal size as the 283 and all were forged cranks) and the 69 was a large journal (same as a 350). All came with "pink" (select) rods with heavy duty rod bolt. All had TRW L2210AF pistons (with the domes shaved to lower the compression)with an "advertised" compression ratio of 11:1 (could have been higher). All were rated a 290 HP which was REDICULOUSLY LOW HP rating! Factory/dealer option was a dual quad intake with two Holley carbs that cam in the trunk that had to be installed by the owner or the dealer.

    What you have in front of you is a .060" 283 (originally a 3.875" bore) over 3" stroke motor with small journals on the main and rods which is now a 292 cubic inch motor. Unless the rods have been shot peened, sized, GOOD aftermarket rod bolts installed, and the rotating assembly balanced, it's pretty much a bone stock engine. Some of the early 283 blocks could be bored to 4" (+.125") but it was hit or miss if you struck water! A .125" overbored 283 was called a 301 by street reacers.

    Here's your quandary as I see it: rebuild that 292 or not. I love my early 283s and 327 but there is NO substitute for cubic inches. The heads he has are worthless for making HP so he's going to have to invest in a good set of heads. If it were just a "rering, rebearing, new gaskets to have a running motor" then it would be a good motor. IF however, he want's something with power, talk him into 350 or 383 SBC. BUT that "ASSUMES" that he has a driveline to take the new engine's HP/Torque.
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    For the money, a 350 is the better buy. Kits vary from what you want but the 350 is usually a little cheaper.

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