1st Car you owned - Post it

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  1. Dvan79

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    Apr 16, 2010
    Grand Rapids, Mi
    1971 Chevelle with the "Heavy Chevy" appearance package. 350 4 bbl, 3 speed stick with a bench seat. Looking back, I wish I still had it, but sold it to upgrade to the 79 Z28.
  2. rogerh

    rogerh Veteran Member

    68 Camaro, bought it new.

  3. K5JMP

    K5JMP Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    cool car Roger.. "Miss Pigtails" is cute too..;)
  4. cyberswap

    cyberswap Veteran Member

    Dec 14, 2002
    mine was a 70 cuda 340 4 speed , miss that car
  5. rogerh

    rogerh Veteran Member

    My seester at 14. LOL! She's 58 now. :eek:
  6. 73Camaro383

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    Oct 29, 2010

    So whats that make you , old geezer.. lol
  7. rogerh

    rogerh Veteran Member

    Yeah, lol. 62
  8. :crazy: My first car was a beat up 1959 simca 4 door. I was 9 yrs old and it had a bad front wheel bearing when I got it. I mowed the neighbors lawn all summer to pay him for it. My dad showed me and my cousin what to do to fix the wheel bearing. Once it was fixed we were the terror of the driveway. We couldn't kill that thing. LOL

    Then fast forward to 1974 and my first car after i got my license I had a 1967 camaro with a very healthy big block in it. It got about 4 mpg's if I took it easy and about 4 tickets per mi. ( averaging it to a 1/4 mi. at a time ) if I stood on it. :bowtie:
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  9. bnelson

    bnelson Member

    Dec 1, 2010
    San Marcos,Texas
    a gold 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. 350cid with a 3 speed manual floor shift.

    Awesome car! I wish I had pictures of it.

    At 17 I barrel rolled it into a slough on my way to school. Lost it on a soft spot on a gravel road, put it into a slide halfway in the ditch and hit a tree stump. My friends who were following me (ok we were racing down the road but I was WINNING) said I had at least 10 feet of air and rolled at least twice before it hit the ground and rolled a few more times. It was all slo mo to me. Woke up laying across the bucket seats, water coming up through the shifter boot, and the roof crushed down to the top of the bucket seats.

    Ambulance took me to the ER and they checked me out but I was just banged up a bit. When I walked out of the exam room my Dad met me and said "Here, you lost this" and handed me one of my door handles. Then he gave me the biggest hug I ever got from Pops.

    2 weeks of riding the school bus later (God that Sucked) he took me to a car dealer buddy of his after hours. The guy met us and unlocked the door and led us back to the service bay where my dad surprised me with a nearly new 76 Camaro all polished up with a full tank of gas. He handed me the keys and the payment book and told me to be more careful with this one.

    Yes sir!

    It's funny that I write this on Sept 11th. My dad died Sept 11th 1997, and My sons birthday is Sept 11th 2000. This is a small world.
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  10. 57Plymouth

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    Jul 31, 2001
    Blythewood, SC
    My first car as it appeared in 1984.


    As it appeared when I got it in 1990.


    And as it looked when my daughter was born and I brought her home in it.


    And how it looks now.


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