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    Feb 29, 2016
    Not sure on the sway bar mods. Mine doesn't have one. muscl car makes a good point as long as you can find a shop that does mandrel bends. I personally, WOULD NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING LESS!!! I called every shop I knew of in my area. None do mandrel bends and all wanted to put Cat Converters on. NO WAY IN HELL! Non-mandrel bends mean a shit load of restrictions. And to me, they are plain ugly! Custom exhaust gets pricey in a hurry, too. Call Jegs and see what they say about the sway bar, though. I'd be interested to know what they tell ya.
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    I have the factory TRANS AM sway bar on my rear (slightly larger) with the Pipes dual exhaust ... since I am not using a transverse muffler there is no issue.
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    I have the factory 2 1/4tail pipes on my 1979 Z-28 RS Camaro. I have had several brand of mufflers over the years. I run a 7/8 rear sway bar Herb Adams sway bar kit. No clearance issues. And the exhaust depends on your state emission laws.That is probably why they want to put cats on. Maybe you should order a kit for a 1970 1/2-3 Z-28 Camaro..And do it yourself or have help from friends,

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