1980 and 1981 fuse box layout

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by flak monkey, Oct 2, 2012.

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    Just made this up for my car as my fuse panel has no writing left on it. Most others I can find aren't labelled that clearly, so decided to make my own one up to keep in the car. Thought it might be a useful reference?

    The labels are above each fuse or power take off.

    NB - most of the fuse values in my box are wrong!

    IGN are switched power, +12v with ignition on - fused through the gauges/inst fuse (10A)

    BATT are permanent +12V -the one under the power accy breaker is fused through the same (30A) and the 2 at the bottom are fused through the ctsy/clock fuse (20A)

    There is a spare instrument/gauge light take off below the pwr window fuse.


    Hope that helps some people....
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    Hi all , I am not getting any power on the fuses slot labeled "Instrument Lights" in flak monkey's picture. Can anyone very there should be power there?
  4. Twisted_Metal

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    The headlight switch needs to be on (either position) to get power to the INST LPS fuse.

    It should be a 5 Amp fuse for the Instrument Lights.
    A 20 Amp fuse will fry the circuit panel (in the case of a short) before it blows.

    This is for an 80.... Not the greatest picture but it has the factory labels.
  5. hgoodwiniii

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    Ok, thanks. I'll check again this evening and make sure the headlight switch is on.
  6. redriderjf87

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    Thanks man for posting this. The writing on mine is pretty borderline and it's nice to see which one I'm looking at before trying to crawl under the dash.

    I am needing to move my taillights back to the headlight switch power instead of being on accessory power as they are now. I might be missing something, but I don't see a good spot to tie into for the headlight circuit, assuming I shouldn't tie into the inst light circuit as mentioned above.

    The only other thing I can think of is splicing into the headlight wire / switch, which I would rather not do unless you guys suggest otherwise. If it's better to create a new thread I can do that as well. Thanks
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    I think the Haynes manual has it all listed out too

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