1975 Z28

Discussion in 'Camaro Questions' started by rare75, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. rare75

    rare75 Guest

    I've got some new pictures, but they are too big to post. If I get any new info after I go the dealer this week, I'll post it here. :D
  2. rare75

    rare75 Guest

    Took it to the dealer...had a group of about 8 or 9 people looking at it, they couldn't believe what year it was. They put it up on the rack, got all the numbers from it, and told me they were submitting them to Chevrolet. I should receive something by mail in awhile.
  3. Little Naples

    Little Naples Veteran Member

    I don't see your listing in the classifieds....Did you change your mind about selling it?
  4. rare75

    rare75 Guest

    I decided to write a different one including much more information. I do admit I have mixed feelings, but I think I'm starting to get like the last owner was. Its spending far too much time socked away than being used, and I hate to park it anywhere for fear it will get messed up. I know its just a 75 to most people, but its AC still works great and it has the "new car smell" in it yet. I can't stand to think someone will tear it apart and make it worthless, thats what happened with my 69 X-11 307/4 speed with matching numbers drivetrain. The guy handed me the money, then told me he was going to make it an SS:eek: ....ugh, my heart hit the floor. If somebody wants it, I'd sell it, it would help me out right now. But if not, I'm proud to continue to own what could be one of the most uncommon finds of all. If it turns out it isn't, its still 1 of 3,711 built with all original sheet metal, which isn't bad by my standards:D
  5. rich m

    rich m Veteran Member

    Nov 18, 2002
    rhode island
    Rich, can't wait to hear how you make out with the car. This gets more and more interesting all the time!
  6. rare75

    rare75 Guest

    I'll be sure to post something if I get anything from them. I can say this, many of them asked if it was a Z28 when they started looking at it. I told them it was a 75 and they said, "but they didn't make a Z28 that year". I said, uh-huh, thats why I'm here, its supposedly one of the surviving test cars for the Z28 program. One asked if it was for sale, all I could do is grin and I told him to go find the other blue one, if its still alive.
  7. Eric

    Eric Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Don't take this the wrong way- but here's the ad you've posted:


    All this talk, and you previously indicated how much this car would mean to you personally- but now it's for sale?

    Strikes me this whole thread's intent may not have been to investigate anything more than people's gullibility in respect to buying the car.

    If you find anything more on it of any interest and not related to you selling it- feel free to post a new topic- but to continue this one with the "for sale" sign hanging in the window seems both ludicrous and slanted to only one purpose.
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