1975 Z28

Discussion in 'Camaro Questions' started by rare75, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. dave 1987

    dave 1987 Veteran Member

    Jun 11, 2004
    tazewell virginia usa
  2. rare75

    rare75 Guest

    I just sent you some. I'll have more today, hopefully. What kind of pictures are you looking for?
  3. rare75

    rare75 Guest

    Engine code is CHW, which is correct, and was built 7/16/75 and is casting 3970010. Wheel codes are D-1-5, which is correct. I'm leaning towards just restoring it as a coupe optioned with all the Z28 items and then some. Not sure if its worth putting the stripes on it. Why couldn't I have just found a 73 LT to redo, this one is confusing.
  4. rare75

    rare75 Guest

    Just received my affidavits from the owners, and received a call from a Chevrolet dealer in my area early this week. They want me to set up a time to come in because they have been asked to verify some information on the car, as they put it. Chevrolet hasn't sent me a written reply for the information I asked for yet, which I sort of expected. I wonder if they could repo this car?
  5. rich m

    rich m Veteran Member

    Nov 18, 2002
    rhode island

    I would doubt that, Rich.... too many years have passed too many owners. The car had to have been legitimately sold in the first place for there to have been a clear title to register the car.

    Were those stripes applied at the factory originally or added by the owner? I'd restore the car as it left the factory, if the codes say this "Z28" equipment left the factory or the original owner (the ex) says it was done there.

    BTW, I don't remember seeing a single Camaro in 1975 or 76 with those 5 spoke 15" wheels (known in Chevy parlence as "Trans Am" wheels, believe it or not. After the Trans Am series, not the Firebird), and goodness knows I must have seen some cars with that Gymkhana suspension!
  6. rare75

    rare75 Guest

    The only year that they were available outside of the Z28 option was 75 with the gymkhana suspension. There were only 3,711 cars with that option that year, which I would think would make them pretty scarce. The stripes were factory applied and the grilles blacked out, but the headlight bezels remained silver, just as they were in 74. In his correspondence, he mentioned that he was aware of a total of four such cars being used by the engineering dept. for different purposes. Mine, he stated, was used for the first quarter of the 76 model run, or Aug. through Oct. which is when he received it. A blue one was used for Body & Trim Development, a white one for Drivetrain Engineering, and a yellow one for Chassis work. He doesn't know what happened to the blue one, but the white and yellow ones were scrapped at the start of the 77 model year. He also said the internal plant numbers used for them started with 280###, but the last 3 denoted what they were used for. 280 equalled Z28 testing mule, and the last 3 I have 270, which he said was steering & suspension. The blue one was used for final product and would have had 280280. Interesting.
  7. rare75

    rare75 Guest

    I noticed a few things today that I didn't think much of before, but am wondering now. First off I'd like to say I removed the back seat, checked under most of the carpet, and didn't find squat other than some old masking tape and some trim screws some assembly line worker left behind. There are two decals missing off the radiator support. I have the tune-up one and one stating its been converted to R-134, but there are 2 missing that were placed by the emissions sticker. They were rectangular and appear to have been factory applied. I also don't have a tire pressure sticker in the door jamb or posi sticker on the trunk lid, doesn't seem to have been any. I do remember her saying the tires that were on the car when it was new was a shade bigger than the spare I have. I wonder if when they were testing this car, they used F60-15's instead? Right now the car has 235-60-R15's which I think would be right for that size. If the posi axle was standard on the Z28, which it was in 74, no sticker would be required, it was a given. Also, strangely, I noticed this car has Z54 insulation, but no woodgrain dash carrier:confused:. I also don't have an Idle Solenoid, which the books states I should have.:p
  8. dustypowers

    dustypowers Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Apr 21, 2005
    Atoka Tenn
    its a nice car missing link or not
  9. rare75

    rare75 Guest

    Thanks dusty, I like to think so. I know there isn't a very high opinion of 74-77 Camaros, but there are some keepers in that lot. The 74 and 77 Z28 come to mind as well as highly optioned Type LT's. I, however, believe there should be a place held for the 75 Camaro Z86. When combined with instrumentation, 350/4bbl engine, and spoilers, it IS a Z28 without the actual designation. Besides, the Z28s up to 1977 were pretty low in production, with 77 topping in the 14K range. Chevrolet built just 3,711 Z86 cars, and who knows how many have my exact option content? 500? 1,000? who knows. 1975 was the ONLY year you could get it, it was dropped for 76 along with the wheels. No matter how anyone looks at it, it makes our car's history that much better. Let's just be glad they didn't kill it in 72.
  10. ReRod

    ReRod Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Sep 9, 2005
    A+ thread!! Would read again:)
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