1975 Z28

Discussion in 'Camaro Questions' started by rare75, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. rare75

    rare75 Guest

    sure...I'm working on some new ones also. I'll be glad to forward some to you.
  2. Late BrakeU2

    Late BrakeU2 New Member

    Dec 18, 2002
    Malibu CA.
    Ver intriguing!.Just to touch on the "Pilot" cars,as previously mentioned they were the first vehicles built and usually given to key GM employees/execs for monitoring and evaluation.I have the only surviving 70 LS6 Chevelle pilot-there were approximately 10-12 built,the rest were most likely crushed.It was special ordered by the Boston Zone head of service,and is the earliest publically known LS6 with a 12B build.It wasn't until 1995 that the person I bought the car from discovered the special nature of the car. When he was removing the carpet he found a complete build sheet and it had in pencil"pilot job" written on it.Further investigation found another complete sheet with the same hand written notation.It also had a 00 in the box for dealer code,signifying an order billed internally to the Tarrytown region,hence,a brass hat of sorts.Also on the B/S was a notation C.C.(courtesy car) with the reps name who ordered the car.Through some incredible effort on his part the chap I got the car from was able to track down the (now eighty year old) rep in Phoenix where he retired to.He obvioulsy remembed the car,said he ordered it for a kid who worked in the central parts dept at GM(who would later go on to head the GM truck divison),it was a heavily optioned,and when the kid saw the 5k+ window sticker he passed,the rep used the car for a month,then it was turned in to a local dealer for retail sale.He said his wife used it as a grocery getter(must have been quite sight-this lady with a beehive pulling in to Kroger in a rat powered chevelle with mfg plates!).Anyway the point of my long winded tale is keep digging,drop the tank,check the sail panels,doorskins,under dash- Don't take his word for it that all the paper was pulled,ya never know!
  3. rockheadrocks

    rockheadrocks Veteran Member

    Any time this discussion comes up, my heart starts racing. I also have an "oddball" '75. It's a Type LT that was equipped with:

    no cat, no hump in the floor for it either
    emissions sticker code references a '74 Corvette L-82, all numbers match front and rear swaybars, but no Z86
    Tach has 5500 rpm redline
    130mph speedo
    4-speed, I believe it's a T-10
    Non-posi, 3.08 gears
    True dual exhaust
    Was bought with a dealer installed STEEL L-88 hood (since gone, replaced with a glass one)
    D-80 spoilers (front one smashed off years ago)
    Manual brakes, no power accessories
    AM/FM 8 track (still have it in a box somewhere)
    ordinary 14x7 rally wheels
    F-70-14 Uniroyal Tigerpaws
    grille was black, headlight buckets were silver

    My dad bought it in late 75 or early 76, I forget which, from the dealer, who said it had been special ordered and never picked up. I'm told that from the tags, the car had no paint code whatsoever, but came home in black with gold rally stripes. Strangely enough, there appears to be robin's egg blue in a few spots under it (behind kick panels for instance), but whitish primer in other places. My local insurance agent says that the VIN makes it a '74 by their computer, but it has the big back window. The build sheet would answer a lot of questions, but it went bye bye when my sister had the interior redone in 1983 or so.

    One of these days, I'll get around to posting the VIN and cowl tag info, but so far no one here who has contacted me about the car has any clue as to why it even exists. One GM Canada guy suggested that it may have been a styling exercise or engineering mule that made it out the door somehow, but he admitted he didn't know how that could happen. Another suggested that a Canadian dealer took advantage of the COPO system and made a run of about 300 75's in more or less SS trim. I have seen two cars identical to mine. One is in Brandon Manitoba, has its steel L-88 hood still, and a L-34 big block that the guy swears is the original motor, even though it's stamped as a service replacement, along with an automatic, 14x7 rallys, 3.42 posi, and standard interior with console and full guages. The other was in Calgary, had LT badges, the LT interior, an L82, the steel hood, air, power windows, door locks, 3.08 open diff, and the Z28 style wheels. Both cars wore the same color scheme as mine, black with gold rally stripes. Both cars have manual brakes, like mine. I'd like it if this was more than coincidence, but there doesn't seem to be any way of proving that this was a COPO or rare, previously unknown 75 model.
  4. Little Naples

    Little Naples Veteran Member

    Sounds like another rare '75....can you post some pix?.....what kind of condition is the car in now?....how many miles?....must be a bear to stop a heavy car like that with manual brakes.
  5. dave 1987

    dave 1987 Veteran Member

    Jun 11, 2004
    tazewell virginia usa
    Thanks rare75 i appreciate. i have always like the 74-77 camaro the most. When get my photo on here i send them to you.

    David Sanders
  6. rockheadrocks

    rockheadrocks Veteran Member

    I had a few pics up in the old profile gallery, I'd have to find them again. The car is pretty rough now, in need of a full on rebuild. It has 108,000 miles on it and still fires at the flip of the key, no smoke of any kind. As far as the manual brakes, I never thought anything of it. I learned to drive in that car, and have never driven an F body with power brakes.

    If the car's rarity CAN be proven, I'll do a full nut and bolt resto. If not, I'm going to do some mods. Seems to me that it's only a step or two removed from a 75 Baldwin Motion Z30 car, it just came in Canada.
  7. rare75

    rare75 Guest

    I know that Canadian cars sometimes vary vaguely or noticeably from their US counterparts. Possibly Chevy thought to appease certain people in 75 to make up for no Z28, so they let some orders through. I know this wasn't a pilot car, but then again, if there was no Z28 to be built in 76, why not use a real late 75 as a pilot during 76. The body, suspension, and engine would have been the same, so what was the difference. Apparently this car was built as a "let's see what we can do with it" car. Up the power in the motor, swap different experimental steering gears and axle ratios, and see what kind of results they could get. Then turn over the findings to the engineering team and let them work from there. My engine should produce 190hp in its present form, but that was with dual cats and pipes. In 1977 form with the single cat, y-pipe, and dual pipes, it probably accounted for the 185hp rating it was given. Make sense? With experimental cars, what does, right? This is what I've learned from this; do not discount any irregularity, try and follow it to its end. You may just have that coupe with a part of rare design on it that sets it apart from the others. I've owned at least 19 Camaros, and this is the first one I've seen of this style with electroplated chrome, not silver paint, on the glove box embossed emblem and the shifter plate. The hard part about the 75 is that no Z28's were supposedly produced, so do you leave it plain jane, or do you turn it back into its mule form and enjoy the shock value as much as the cynicism? Tossup.
  8. Little Naples

    Little Naples Veteran Member

    To rare75.....Hope you don't mind my questions ....I'm curious about the dual cat setup and the air injection from the smog pump....my '75 does not have tubes in the manifold headers but instead has one pipe that goes from the air pump under and into the exhaust pipe on the passenger side exhaust manifold....how is yours setup if it had true dual exhaust?
  9. vfitom2aol.com

    vfitom2aol.com Veteran Member

    Mar 2, 2000
    NE PA
    Rockhead, please post your VIN, at least up to the year digit. Don't go by insurance company's word; they get mixed up at times. i will tell you what year it is.............
  10. rare75

    rare75 Guest

    Right now my air pump is set up the same way, and I can see the pipe going to the passenger exhaust pipe was replaced at one point. My best guess is that the manifold injection was retained for CA emissions, but mine probably had another pipe plumbed to the left manifold as well using a hose instead of rigid metal. I think if I go back to dual cats, I'll replace my manifolds and go with some new manifold-injection style ones just to make it easier.
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