1974 Camaro Z28 4 speed production numbers....

Discussion in '1974 Specific' started by 198plus, Feb 18, 2015.

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    Nov 26, 2008
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    I was wondering how many 74 Z28 4 speed T-10 HEI cars were made.
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  2. ls777z

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    Feb 19, 2000
    We know it was less than 13,802. 7003 cars got the M20, 3336 got the M21. And since HEI was a mid-year you could probably cut those figures in half. GM didn't keep exact figures so no luck there. You can make a guess but that's as close as you're going to get.
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    Using cross multiplication you can get close to knowing the number. We'll never know exactly.

    GM Made 151,008 74 Camaro’s

    Of that 13,802 (11%) were Z-28

    Of that, 6978 (51%) were D88 cars, by the numbers 1579 (11%) had this option after January 74

    Of that 3,336 (24%) of Z-28’s had M21 (Both Muncie and B-W) 4spd, the exact production number of B-W Super T10’s is unknown for 74.

    Of those 13,802 made, 3123 were made after January (some info indicates 2/74-5/74 start depending on availability) with HEI.

    Of those 3123, roughly 755 would have been B-W 4spd/HEI cars, if the production ratio stayed the same throughout the year.( Some have HEI with Muncie's as well)

    A logical guess would say not much less than 500 or much more than 1000. Keep in mind that these cars are no more valuable than Muncie Points cars at this time.

    3123 HEI cars X 3336 M21 cars / 13802 total Z28 production = 755 cars with HEI 4 Spd.
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    When gm quotes M20 production numbers , that's all M20s . Saginaw included. Gm called all wide ratio transmitions M20s

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