1971 Interior pieces. Which brand are the best?

Discussion in 'Interior Restoration' started by 71RSLS, Dec 11, 2017.

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    Dec 5, 2017
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    I have a 71 that I need to get a lot of the plastic pieces for. I see a lot of different things on the plastic pieces for these cars whether they are bad or good. I need sail panels for mine. Are the OER ones pretty nice? I see others listed online but with no brand connected to them. Also, I need to get the rear panels by the rear seat. Are any better than the others? How about the door panel stuff? Is most of this stuff produced by 1 company and resold by everyone?

    I haven't decided on the seats yet. I've been leaning towards some new procars, or corbaeus. For the price, they may be better than re doing my originals since they are pretty sun baked. Thanks in advance, Ryan.
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    Feb 26, 2004
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    I’m under the impression the plastic sail and side panels are manufactured by the same company and sold by different vendors.

    Price and shipping can be your guide on these parts.

    Finding perfect factory panels is a challenge as they are almost always “chalky”.

    Note: The side panels are a little different for 70-71.
    They have a rectangular pattern above the rear arm rest.
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    For my 71SS, I bought the large door panel and it is PUI brand. I am very happy with it. The lower door panel is OER brand and again very happy. The upper door panels I bought a used set at eBay. Black plastic from back in the say seemed to hold up better than colored plastic like mentioned above so any that are tan, green, or red are today very chalky and brittle. I did not like too much the arm rest pads. The originals are vinyl material wrapped around some foam and then the metal frame. The OER repops are a solid urethane. They're just okay in my opinion.
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    JM2cW, if you are using AM side panels take the arm rest mount ash tray out of the original and transfer it over. Looks like orginal.
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    P1010758.JPG P1010759.JPG P1010760.JPG P1010762.JPG P1010763.JPG P1010764.JPG P1010765.JPG P1010766.JPG

    70/71 Interior Door Panels have PLEATS that are Too Puffy
    (No pics of PUI panel)

    See my pics comparing the Legendary 70/71 Interior
    Standard Door Panels to OE Original.....
    LEGENDARY Panels "nicer" than OE

    Email me with Your Specifics
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    Man I wish they did the Deluxe panels.

    Paid many times the cost of those panels for a used Deluxe panel that will require some work to use.

    Thanks though to Silver75 for the panel.

    Just about got the overspray cleaned off!
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    IIRC, rear arm rest ash trays are a Firebird item...not Camaro.

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