1970 Z28 Fender Emblem Location

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    Feb 1, 2006
    Does Anybody Know Wherethe Z28 Emblem Mounting Holes Are Located On A 1970 Camaro. I Need To Drill The Holes For The Z28 Emblems. Thanks.
  2. Steve73Z

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    May 23, 2005
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    If you do a search, it's been discussed and I believe I even saw an image of a page out of the assembly manual in one of the posts. That page has all the measurements.

    TEDDYS CAMARO Veteran Member

    Feb 1, 2006
  4. Ron Hooper

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    Mar 6, 2018
    I also need the 1970 z28 fender location, where can I find it?
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    The fenders on a z28 are in the same location as a normal Camaro...on the front of the car next to the hood and behind the bumper!;)

    OK, enough with my smart-a$$ levity.

    How about here:

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  6. secondgenaddict

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    IF you do not know...
    A axis Horizontal - height from ground at curb weight.
    B axis Vertical - distance front or rear of the firewall
    Z axis DEPTH or distance from the centerline
    The A axis - THE HORIZONTAL 15 LINE is referencing the number of inches from the ride height on level ground with the car at curb weight.
    The B axis - VERTICAL 0 (ZERO) LINE is the front FACE of the firewall - NEGATIVE measurements are in front of the firewall Positive numbers are rearward
    The Z axis -THE LENGTHWISE 35 LINE is referencing the number of inches from the centerline to that reference line-

    I use a laser which projects a line (not dot) and project off the vertical flange behind the hood hinge as my ZERO Firewall point - projecting then marking my vertical line on the inside of the fender. Then using a large point to point caliper (large C shaped which hinges in the center so the points come together in the same place) I transfer the line to the outside of the fender -
    The horizontal Reference line also needs to be indicated - check the assembly manual for ride height measurements to a fixed point and adjust from that point.

    Next start the measurements...after I am done I tape a piece of paper down to the panel and mark all the break lines and edges so I do not have to go through the projections the next time... what makes a pain is the holes are in different places from side to side. (not emblem hole spacing amongst themselves but in regards to the reference lines because the emblem posts are not symmetrical nor centered to the overall emblem dimensions - (when doing the Camaro script plus the individual SS letters it is time consuming.)

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