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    ^^ I feel these story's hide a little bit of the truth to make it more interesting
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    Probably so.
    The whole Barn Find thing was originally based on the farmer that knew nothing about the car and sold it for next to nothing and it turns out to be a ZL-1, Z16, or something special.
    These days with the internet, people can find the value of a car within minutes and then they think that their car is at the top of the heap because it hasn't been driven into the ground and parked indoors....sometimes in a real barn with damp dirt floors. Then the fun begins in trying to actually find a reasonable price.
    Unless the car has like less than 10K miles, it is just another find with maybe an interesting story. This one sounds like a neat car but no way to assign a value until inspection. It has some rust issues and has some miles on it. To make it nice, a total restore will be required. Mid to high twenties to maybe low thirties if the rust isn't too bad.
    I like the shows where these are parked with all the dust on them. I can't wait to see on eBay the bags of "original NOS dirt" that you buy to through on your car when you show them in case some accidentally gets rubbed off while pushing it around.
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    Right you are on the grammer.
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    Anyone know if its still for sale?
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    All I can say is Wow

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