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    One thing I've learned from this discussion is that the 73 rear bumper "cushions" (there's the right word) seem to be very common for one-year only as opposed to the smaller/shorter cushions made for three years (70-72). I have five or more used OEM rear bumpers that I've purchased at swap meets and on CL. Most of those had at least one 73 cushion and none of those bumpers are 73. Yet some of them had the shorter bumper brackets and some had the longer brackets that I understood to be for 73. I only have one bumper that has just one of the 70-72 bumper cushions. I guess that illustrates with some of these 40+ year-old parts, you can end up with a one-year only bracket that would not be correct on a three-year produced bumper with an incorrect one-year only cushion. Damn. o_O
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    Thanks for the link. If mine are to bad when I remove them, i'll get a set from him. PS, I still have my eyebrows also.
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    I have the original eyebrows for the 73Z as well. I was shocked considering the car was a basket case. They even have some of the 60 light copper paint on them. Have to take the small victories where you can. ;)
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    Have been following this post with interest!
    twozs> would love to be able to see the pics you are linking but I and any other interested enthusiasts cant unless you update your photobucket account to enable 3rd party hosting so we can all see the pics you are posting!
    This is becoming a major problem for this website and we all need to spread the word or this site becomes pointless!

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