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  1. 66gheeto

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    Jan 9, 2014
    Hey guys I have found the holy grail of 1970 Camaros The car is in very good condition small amount of rust in the trunk and looks to have had a roll bar in it at some time. I have checked the numbers and the only thing that is not correct is the eng it is a 1968 396 original documented 4007 miles eng orig owner blew orig eng then had a 427 built for it the uy that has it has crazy money so he found an orig 68 396 eng with document mileage and got it for the car .It still has the 427 in it but he wants to swap it and sell it with the 396.Car is respectable by no means show from what I've read there were only 600 built what do you think it's worth realistically in todays mkt he wants to trade for my 66GTO and he's throwing in a 1940 Cadillac LaSalle 4dr with suicide doors survivor car my GTO is a 9 by standard very nice car.
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    I wouldn't call it or get too caught up in the Holy grail thing without its original drive train...tread lightly...
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    30K? He's dreaming. I bought my '70 L78 last year for under $12K. Wrong engine, everything else correct and in very nice shape. I think I overpaid, but it was an original Hugger-Orange car. I'm looking for a CE block right now. Anyhow, yeah, they are rare. They do sell for good money when they are MINT and totally correct. With the engine missing, the car just lost at least half it's value. The story behind it is meaningless. An L78 car without the L78 is just a Camaro.
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    Jan 9, 2014
    Yes that is the car I originally went to look at a Cadillac he had and saw this car I don't know jack about them but thought I would look into it does have the correct trans and rear axel but does not have the correct eng was not getting to exited just figured with only 600 built it would be worth something he wants to trade it and the Caddy for my GTO that's why I came here to ask about it.Never saw the add he had thanks for posting it.
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    Not enough photos to truly guess at a price. Also, without knowing anything about your GTO it's hard to say what an equitable trade would be.

    The 427 with 700HP and a clip on fiberglass hood say "Boy Racer" to me. What else has been changed/modified? All of that detracts from the value of an L78. The value of the '68 L78 is intrinsic to the motor and adds nothing to this car - really (the real value of the motor is to some one with a '68 L78).
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    Someone used a wire wheel on the trim tag. DUMB:eek:
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    Sorry a little late to the discussion... Dang! I was actually in Ocala at the time this discussion was started!
    Unfortunately the original post on Craigslist has now been deleted so I can't see any pics. However, I can tell you that, with the current market, the best price you could possibly get for a 70 L78 car 'Without' the original motor is around $40K... maybe upper $40's tops under the right circumstances. That's only if you have ALL the rest of 'correct & valuable' parts to go with it and it's in 'Excellent' restored condition! Otherwise it's definitely less $$... Documentation also makes a big difference!
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    Guess what boys I got the car Pelham Ga restoration in progress

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