1970-73 camaro part.

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  1. john Gialanella

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    Oct 15, 2008
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    For sale. I have pictures of all these parts. (Please send your e-mail and I will send pictures of the Parts.). Please do not text me because I do not own a Cell or smart phone. Or call 973-748-9443.
    1. GM 4 speed Z Bar components, 2 studs (inner & outer pivots), 2 seals, 2 seats, retainer spring, & nut. 1970-81 Camaro's. Have pictures. $25.00.
    2. Nice reproduction of the correct horn relay for 1970 Camaro (maybe 1971 too) It has black plastic base with cadium or zinc plated cover which has on the top Delco Remy Made in the USA. Plus it has H & S on left side and S & H on the right. $25.00.
    3. NOS in Box 1970-81 Camaro trunk lock. $50.00. #9808480.
    4. NOS in Box 1970-73? camaro glove compartment light. Harness. bulb, clip, and instructions. $45.00. #993982.
    5. NOS 1967-81 Camaro radiator subframe bushings. 2 #3893159 and 2 #14008366 (which replaced #3893156) 4 NOS bushings in excellent condition. $65.00.
    8. Turbo 400 transmission pan bolts 13 of them in nice shape. in case yours are rusted. $5.00
    9. Exact reproduction of the 1970 BB camaro L-78 intake bolts for Aluminum intake. Can also be used for cast iron intakes. $16.00.
    10. Temperature switch for drivers side cylinder head for telltale lights. New $10.00.
    11. Reproduction of TH400 cooler lines for 1970-72 Camaro in stainless steel. $60.00.
    12. Nice reproduction of the 1970-72 BB Camaro upper radiator hose. #3973192 on the hose. $15.00.
    13. 1970-73 Camaro OER front spoiler new in plastic bag. $100.00.
    14. AC Delco drivers side temperature sending switch for gauges. $15.00.
    15. NOS original GM horn relay #1115889. in canister. Says 889 underneath metal base. $70.00.
    16. Used good gauge housing for gauges original #6493587 not later #25021020. It has 2 good tabs, 3rd tab is 3/4 % their, and 4th tab is broken. These housings tabs can be repaired. $20.00.
    17. AC Delco Headlight switch GM Made in Mexico NEW $10.00.
    18. Nice reproduction of rear 9/16 inch inner sway bar bushings $35.00 for pair.
    19. GM AC Delco NOS TH 400 or TH 350 TCS transmission switch #8683502. 1970-72. $15.00.
    21. GM remote choke for 1970 Camaro L-34 & Rochester carburetor Camaros. (1970-72 L-48 & LS3) Base, coil, cover and rod. $15.00. Can also be used for any Camaro with V-8 engine and Rochester 4 barrel carb.
    22. NOS GM 1970-72 Camaro TH 400 Torque converter cover. or underpan #386881 on the GM sticker. It replaces #3952661. $35.00.
    23. NOS 1970-81 Camaro RH door window sweeps without chrome strip. This goes on the top of the door against window to prevent water from entering car. For cars with chrome moulding on the back of the hood, fender corners and top of the door. #9612540. $45.00.
    24. NOS 1971-72 Camaro BB lower radiator hose. #3959486. $50.00.
    26. Original passenger side parking light from 1970 Camaro. Works fine. $15.00.
    27. Original 12 bolt cover from 1970 camaro. it has slight dent in the middle. $8.00. Have pictures.
    28. I have had for years a walker tailpipe for single exhaust just like originals. It is in perfect shape. It is for 1970-81 Camaro's. $10.00.
    29. Reproduction BB Camaro (with part numbers on them) 1970-71 Frame mounts. $60.00.
    30. 1970-81 Camaro & Firebird rear sway bar. 13/16 inch diameter (will increase handling noticeable) Cleaned up. $40.00.
    31. Used under dash panel that houses the ash tray and heater. In nice shape $8.00.
    32. Used inside window crank handle nice condition clear knob. $3.00.
    33. NOS original accelerator bracket #326564 which was used in 1970 for all camaro's with 4 barrel carb, (excluding Z-28) plus 1971-73 Camaro's with 4 barrel carbs. it also was used till 1976 on many Chevy cars with 4 barrel carbs. Plus it comes with correct green return spring. $25.00.
    34. 1970-81 Camaro clock It works and is in very nice shape a 9 out of 10. $50.00.
    35. Very nice reproduction of Points type distributor cap. says Delco Remy Patent Pending. I compared it to my NOS one and you cannot tell the difference. $20.00.
    Please send e-mail so I can send pictures of the parts.
    Thanks John.
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  2. Double R Restorations

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    Jan 11, 2002
    Can you send me a pic of the shifter plate? Thanks, Russ
  3. Gary S

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    Apr 14, 1999
    Bismarck, North Dakota
    Is this the manual tranny starter with the small cast iron nose to fit the 621 bell housing with a 4 speed or is it the large aluminum nose starter for automatics?
  4. Dave Nelson

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    Dec 19, 2003
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  5. volsfan

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    That means he sent you a private message. Top right part of the page is where they are located.
  6. Gary S

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    Apr 14, 1999
    Bismarck, North Dakota
    This site has pictures of the different starter noses.

    His 4th picture is of the cast iron nose for manual tranny. His 7th picture on the page is of the aluminum nost starter for automatic trannys.
    I'm interested in getting one of the cast iron ones for manual tranny.
  7. boardog

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    Dec 8, 2006
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    pm sent on the rear sway bar items
  8. Gary S

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    Apr 14, 1999
    Bismarck, North Dakota

    Thanks John. I have one like that for an automatic, but could use one of the 4 speed ones. I'll just keep my eyes open until one shows up.
  9. johnzz28

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    Sep 8, 2014
    Hey I pm you thanks

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