17X9 w/5.5BS

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  1. ErikNORCAL

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    Aug 6, 2003
    now in VA
    Set of wheels available near me with the specs in title. These would actually go on an '80 Trans Am but generally same as a Camaro. Thoughts on the backspacing?

    Was interested in at least a 285/40R17 in the rear, maybe in the front too
    if they'll fit.

    Have access to a 17X9.5 wheel w/5.5BS with a 285/40R17 on it. Thinking of using it to test fit. Used the calculator in the sticky and if I'm reading it right, the 17x9.5 will move outboard by about 0.3" in comparison to the 17X9.
    Should be good for a mock up comparison?
  2. Tpichevy

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    Jun 21, 2016
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    Interested in what people say.... subscribe
  3. nobreaks254

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    1. if both wheels have the same backspace, the wider wheel will stick out whatever the difference is in the width. So in this case .5, correct? The 285/40 should work fine in the rear but cant say about the front, Ive never tried to fit that wide a wheel on the front yet. I do have a 8.5 with 5.25 BS on my Camaro but with a 255 tire.
  4. camaro71/holland

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    Aug 27, 2003
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    From a different topic. Hope it's useful for you.
  5. Todd80Z28

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    I ran 17x9 with 5.5BS up front for a bunch of years, and it was a very snug fit. 0.25" either way was a rub- 5.25" on the fender lip, 5.75" on the frame. That extra 0.5"...You might get lucky... might.:)

    In the back I don't think it will be an issue. I ran my 17x9 at 5.0 in the back.

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