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    This came off the Gauge marks web site. I thought all Z28 cars until 74 came with a 150 mph speedo. This is info on a package they sell for the 73-74 Z28. Can some verify if my 73 Z will get a 130 or a 150 speedo?? Thanks

    Your original gauge faces can now be restored to factory fresh appearance by using this gauge pkg from gauge marks™. The markings for this pkg were created by using orginal Z/28 gauges as a guide. Includes markings for the 130 MPH speedo, 7000 RPM tach (with special 6k red line), FUEL, TEMP, AMPS, and CLOCK. Each line, digit, letter, and color bar is individually inspected under magnification before being added to the pkg. You can restore your working factory gauges at a fraction of the cost of replacing them! Complete instructions included.
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    Nope my '73 only had the 130 mph, I know I was disappointed when I got the car, like I could even go 130 in my car hahaha

    Q: What's up with the speedometers?

    A: The hot ticket is the 150 MPH speedo found in ANY 1970 & 1971 Camaro. This was NOT a "Z28" or SS only option. Beginning in 1972 and carried on to 1979 the top speed is 130. Beginning in 1980, the federal government figured if the speedometer only went up to 85MPH, people wouldn't speed. I guess they were wrong (gasp/shock/horrors) because they started putting higher indicated speeds back on the speedometers in the mid 80's. (1985/86?)

    1970 - 1971 - 150 mph
    1972 - 1979 - 130 mph
    1980 - 1981 - 85 mph

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