¿El Nuevo Himno Nacional?

Discussion in 'The BS Topic' started by ColdBastrd, Apr 28, 2006.

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    Thats what I was thinking, when they have a vote they're going to get a suprise. Dual languages, whatever ya'll do, don't do it like we did and allow it to get stupid and start making laws that dictate what language street signs and cereal boxes can be, and where and when you have to speak which language.

    So which one are you getting ready to learn Spanish, or Arabic?
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    Yeah I wish ....... Im 15 mins from the border of Mexico ... so what do you think the majority of people speak here. I dont even know why they teach spanish in schools here. All the Spanish I've learned I learned from growing up. I can speak fluent Spanish and English....... But It is weird that ........ they " people from Mexico " refuse to learn English. Its like we have to learn the spanish not them ! I've always hated that...... Try going to the Wal- Mart in Brownsville TX .. about 20 mins south of me ...they are on the border .........The last time I was at Wal-Mart there all the announcements are in Spanish " How do you like that " Luckly I understand everything they say but it sucks for people who do not understand spanish.

    And the english and spanish here is all tex mex. Meaning your conversation will start in English and end in spanish. Sounds strange to you guys but very normal for us. When I lived in Springfield Mo. for almost a year its like a big Plus if you know Spanish ......... Down here it dont mean Crap.
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    ColdBastrd Quote:
    Some CUBAN must have pissed you off or a few and YOU had to group them all together. F-----n growup.... I used to say "If you love Nu Yokk" that much take I-95 back to Nuu Yokk.

    I just want to point out one fact. We don't all talk like that up here. About the only places they do is the city and the island. I've lived between NJ & NY my whole life and I don't speak without any accent whatsoever. Almost everyone I see and hear everday don't have one either. And I'm not just saying that cause I have one and don't know it. So don't group us all together. HA!

    I thought it was funny to put the Nuu Yokk accent in there. I know for sure not everybody talks like that. It was a point I was making about generalizing. Either you were kidding or fell for it like I did(in the part of generalizing all cubans or NY'ers). Like I always say, no harm intended or mean to offend in either way. HA!

    wow, now I know why immigrants who come to Canada are happier than those in the states- I see a whole lot of "I'm sorry if I offended anyone" but if you're so sorry why say that at all? I mean, the majority of the planet doesn't speak english!! And not only that, rumor has it that there will soon be more spanish speaking people in US than english. When spanish is the national language are all you going to learn to "Speak Spanish Or Die"?

    Immigrants are happy any where they go as long it's not where they were(that is why they leave). The reason you say "I'm sorry if I offended anyone" is because when you type things are read in a different way(if I can care less what anybody says as opposed to well that is his/her opinion and I respect that) and is understood differently. As far as rumors, that is all it is. Again,"I'm sorry if I offended anyone"

    Julio Diaz it wasn't my intention to offend anybody I just used a stupid example for a strong ethnic group here in SoFla. I would pissed me of the same if an argentinian requiered that anybody born here spoke spanish to them. I come from a country were 90% of the people had parents or grandparents born somewhere else and I never so a sign in italian, german or english. The immigrants in Argentina blended with everybody and gave us the good or bad of their culture but never tried force onto us. Again I apoligize if I offended anybody.

    I should start by apologing for the language to everyone(kstripes). I know what you are talkng about. I just happen to jump the gun a little everytime a generalization about some topics come up. Hope everyone has a fun weekend.
    J D
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    I understand this sentiment but then where do we buy the oil and gas to run our lives and our beautiful Camaros ??? Probably wouldn't look twice at the Middle East if it weren't for the damn oil over there. It's a shame that so many lives are being effected by our need for oil (The War). Wait until China takes hold of the market, you think $3.00 a gallon is high, you ain't seen nut'n yet!!! Drive fast...Drive now!!! While you can afford it!!!! (Sorry to shift the immigrant thread but saw an opp to talk)

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