¿El Nuevo Himno Nacional?

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    My mom, who immigrated from Guatemala in the early 70's, has helped a few mexican people get their citizenship here. Everytime she helps someone, she lets them know that it's better for them to speak english than to not speak it at all. They learn what they can with the promise of learning the language better as soon as possible. It actually upsets her that some come here with the expectation of others to know spanish so they can converse in this country. I mean, it's good to know the language, but to live here, you should know the native language. It's not english as a second language. It's learn english as your primary language because you live in a place that speaks that language. I speak spanish if I have to. To make the National Anthem in another language is basically turning your back on the song in full, and a real lack of patriotism. If it was ok to do, they'd be singing the national anthem of every country at the olypics in the language of the country that's hosting the games. It's wrong and shouldn't be allowed. The guy should be arrested for treason. Well, that might be strong, but it would work for me. It's the biggest lack of respect EVER!!!!
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    Mar 29, 2005
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    That one line took all the wind out of your entire post.
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    a mi magusta el engles, es la mejor idioma del mundo
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    Nov 21, 2002
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    If the current immigration laws bother you then get off your ass and WRITE YOUR CONGRESSMAN.

    Many of your congressmen have e-mail addresses. Stop bitching about it here and write some of these words to them... as I am doing right now. Senator Lott down.. one more senator and a representative and I'm done.
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    Let's see, protestors are marching down the street waving Mexican flags in our faces, some are burning the American flag, some are claiming that south western United States belongs to Mexico, they're attempting to bring the economy to a standstill with this May 1st ditch-day coming up, and now we all get to hear the American National Anthem defaced by translating it into a foreign language- Spanish in this case (and an inaccurate translation at that).

    For a bunch of people who want to be "accepted", they sure are going out of their way to irratate the ever living hell out of their hosts.
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    Nov 21, 2002
    Ocean Springs, MS
    If I were an employer I'd just tell my illegal workers that if they walk out on May 1st I'd report them to the INS.
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    Really? How? If I have to speak spanish to someone, I do. I show that I'm not a selfish twit that thinks the world has to live up to me. I speak spanish because half my family still lives in Guatemala. If there's someone visiting the country and doesn't speak english, I'll speak spanish to them. The thing is, at least with my family, they tell me to speak to them in english so they can better their own english. SOME people also don't fully understand the language yet. If I have to switch to spanish, it's only so they understand what I'm saying. But I say it in english first. If you don't understand what I mean when I say I only speak spanish if I have to, then you really have trouble with reading comprehension. That doesn't mean that I'll just go around speaking spanish. In fact, it surprises a lot of people that I actually know the language. Somehow, it makes me a better person around them. Personally, with offense intended, you need to learn context when it comes to reading.
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    Aug 2, 2005
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    Well guys we all have an opinion on this so here's mine. None of us are native to this land period, unless you are a 100% full blood Native American Indian period. All of out roots steem from immigration. Of course times were alot simpler back then and many things have changed since. Now as far as any land belonging to Mexico that is part of the United States, wrong answer. Texas won its independence from Mexico how, from the blood of the of hard working people Mexican and American alike. They all wanted there freedom for Mexico and alot of people gave theirs lives to see if happen, again Mexicans and Americans side by side fighting for what they believed in and won. REMEMBER THE ALAMO. Now, I dont have a problem with anyone immigrating here, as we all have immigrant ties. All I would like to see is for them to do it the right way like thousands of immigrants do each year. There is nothing wrong with anyone wanting to make a better life for their families or their selves. Hell, if I lived in Mexico, I would want to come here to. I mean lets face it, there is not alot of industry their, and no money to be made. So they are willing to risk everything to come here, however like I said they should do it the right way legally. However, we as Americans have promoted this and have profited of it. Maybe not you and I personally but bussiness has and that is wrong. Anytime you hire someone to do a job and they dont speak a word of english, then you have got to know something is up. These companies are stealing jobs from American citizens. These companies dont want to pay fair wages so they hire illegals why, because they will work in horrilbe conditions for very little pay, no benefits and not complain why because it is better than what they had. So for all these business that are crying about how bad they will be hurt on Monday, i dont have the least bit of sympathy for the greedy b%#@$*ds. IMHO they should either hire legal citizens or shut their doors. Since 9/11, I will not buy anything from a store that has a Middle Eastener running it, why because I am not going to give my money to someone who want to see me dead. Now, for the kids in the schools, our tax dollars pay for special tutors to come in and teach in Spanish, what are we thinking here, these kids need to learn english, we shouldnt be promoting the ability not to speak english. Who do I blame for that, these supposedly educated educators, that our tax dollars pay good salaries to, for what to promote this kind of behavior. Come on we are not helping these kids or our country out by doing this. I agree that is doesnt hurt to be bilingual, but everyone should know english if you are going to live here. If I go to Mexico, I would have to learn spanish, if american kids where going to school in Mexico, they would have to learn spanish, because no one is going to teach them in English thats for sure. This waving the Mexican flag above Old Glory is B.S. and burning the American flag in protest, you should be shot on site as far as i am concerned. Several of my ancestors have given their lives to make sure that that flag stands for all of us and for these immigrants to have a better place to come to and this is the appreciation that is given. Go to Mexico and wave an American flag and burn a Mexican flag and see what happens to you. We as citizens should not stand for this period. Depending on poloticians is not going to do it. Giving free medical care to illegals, more of our tax dollars hard at work. Give them treatment because that is the human thing to do, but send them back to where they came from and you can come back when you are willing to do it the right way and pay your taxes like the rest of us. Ruining the national anthem, wow nows theirs respect for the country that has given you a better life, go to Mexico and change the words of their national anthem and sing it in english, i bet that will stir it up. We as American citizens need to all put a march together and show that we are tired of the B.S. that our elected officials are putting us through and that we as a nation are tired of people mooching off of our tax dollars. Not to show that we dont want people here, but to show we want you to do it the right way or dont do it all. Writing a letter to your congressman or senator is not going to do any good, only a show of force such as what the illegals are doing. You think that them walking out and trying to hurt the economy to show how much we need them will hurt. Let us do the same to show that we will no longer tolerated tax burdens and people stealing jobs from us and keeping the pay low on certain jobs, now that would get peoples attention. Bussiness would have to reform and stop hiring illegals and give jobs to American citizens that pay taxes and support the economy. I love this country and all my freedoms and am willing to do what ever it takes to guarantee that my family and generations to come will get to enjoy the same as I have and all my forefathers before me. I just wish more Americans felt the same. Instead we all complain about whats going on and let our elected officials run over us and we as a people dont do anything about it. For that I am ashamed.
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    We need some kind of reform for sure. Illegals need to be accounted for. they either need to go home or we need to develop a program that will allow them to work legal qualify for benefits, pay taxes. They need to be accountable for their car accidents, medical bills....... Heck if they paid taxes like legal citizens and had car insurance, health insurance or qualified for car/home loans here they wouldnt work for the wages they are now either and it may be worth it for a legal citizen to perform the same task again? When I finished high school I went into construction and there was good money to be made now twenty years later the same construction doesnt pay any more than it did then! Anyone who finishes school and goes into construction today would have to be crazy.
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    Mar 4, 2005
    "A lugares donde fueres hicieres lo que vieres". Something like "where ever you go do what they do" that's my way of thinking. That's why I had sot of NYer accent for a while and now have a who know what accent from SoFla. I really pisses me off when specially cubans here require that americans speak english to them beacause I took time time and effort to learn the language and I'm sure anybody else can. I have live in this country by now longer than I lived in my native Argentina and my ex and present wives are americans I have a son born in America and I love the country and its people. But I am not a citizen and the maine reson being that I swore to defend my flag until I die and I love my national anthem. Some day I will eventually get my citizenship or perhaps I'll die argentian like my father who died a spaniard even though he live most of his life in Argentina.What I'm trying to say is if you are not ready to adopt this country's or any other country's simbols and give up yours then don't do but don't try to tell the natives what to do in their country. And please let's not be extremists we don't want to start seeing people being shot because they are this or that.Thanks.

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