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Apr 27, 2017
    1. Sled
      Hi. I am a new member. On the 26th I had a fire in my car. I grabbed my kidde fire extinguisher and it did not work. A 3lbs one. Lost the interior of my car. Did some research and they had recalled 4.3 million of these for not working. If you goggle it you will see. It sucks that it did not work. Can somebody spread the word. Thank god nobody got hurt. It almost burnt my house down.
    2. need4speed069
      Can you move my post starting my new project lq4/t-56 into 80 rs to the project progress forum please, Thank You Al
    3. john Gialanella
      john Gialanella
      I am member John Gialanella. I just discovered you changed things. I cannot find out how to repost my parts for sale. I got as far as messages from me to possible buyers and their messages to me, but how do I repost my parts for sale.
      Thanks John Gialanella.
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