Thinking about a 700R4 or maybe the 200R4

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    May 5, 2015
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    Last winter I broke my ankle so all projects were put on hold. This spring the car will get worked on. I still dont know which trans to get. This a 2nd gen car, Holley 750 but someday maybe Fuel injected. With the 700 being geared lower, does that slow the car down compared to the 350 or 200R4 off the line? Or spin the tires more? I seem to be running high RPM's even cruising at 60 mph, like 3200 >>Maybe it was my torque converter choice? This year the speed limit will be raised to 75 MPH on the highway, I really dont want it singing along a 4 grand all day long. MPG will hit an all time low.
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    The more stable engine power is, the more easily it will absorb a larger shift percentage drop. This is a reason GM revamped the 700-R4 for the 1990s and made it electronic; it is a good match for the stronger EFI engines. Even with similar power number, an EFI engine tends to have more stable, precise fueling, and not fall out of powerband as much as a carb.

    I always preferred the 200-4R with a Q-jet, however. And a lot of softening of shift characteristics is accomplished with a higher stall converter.

    And those are my opinions. Some guys like having an engine in its' powerband all the time, hate having to downshift, and feel 4.10 gears are great. I prefer a low rpm cruise and overdrive, and mileage.

    Either way, a lockup converter can be a win- win.

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