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Anybody have a 69 Camaro wiring diagram?

I have a issue with the harness at or near the voltage regulator on my 69 Camaro and need help. I currently have NO wire connected to the #3 marked terminal on the regulator, and I have 2 very large (10 ga) red wires hanging out of the harness at the same area, not connected to anything at all. Can anyone post a diagram, send me the diagram, or tell me where I can find it on the web? Thanks a ton,
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Anybody? I'd like to go to a cruise-in this Friday and can't go like this.
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I answered your other post;

I have one, but can't get it till tomorrow night.
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Some of the wiring diagrams that I have,

Pics of April's Cobolt gauge set-up:

Tilt steering column rebuild:
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its been awile, but I remember that the 69, and 70 where almost identical ( not the A/c stuff) , but all the under the hood stuff. As far as what your looking for it should be the same.
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The external regulator on my 68 has been long gone, but as I recall, the large red wire goes to the horn relay which is mounted right below the reg. The big red wire goes to the top lug and is held by a scew.

Here is a link to a diagram that should help. Instructions are for converting from an alternator with an external regulator to one with an internal regulator.

Blue, white, orange, brown is the order of the wires on the flat 4 wire regulator connector from top to bottom. When converting to an internal reg the blue and brown wires get tied together and the center white and orange get disconnected and taped.
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