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So I havent heard one of you say anything about gauges being that most camaros are mechanical or idiot lights what are you doing. I have looked at VDO and they are pricey but how else will the speedo and odometer work the dont like the converter set up that changes it to as mechanical output seems cheesy so plan on buying about $400 in gauges or being very creative. I have the LT-4 Corvette motor in mine now and still getting things connected its a big bad LT-1, not a stock part on the motor, but its actually a 396 stroker. should push 600+ ponies. now to do the four link rear with the moser
9 inch god theres a lot of work to do and so little time.
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Originally Posted by 130fe
I will be selling my lt1/4l60e setup complete with painless harness, street and performance accessories and much more to drop it in to your car. The engine has a GM hotcam with 10k miles on the motor and tranny. Nothing wrong with it, I am going to an LS3. I want 500 RWHP instead of 300.

Why not stick with what you got, put on a Paxton or other supercharger,
for less than the cost of the LS3 (not to mention the other hassles) or an
LT4 kit to get you in the middle at 400 hp? Nice install, a shame to sell it.

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