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73 LT side molding clips

Finding out the hard way that the 73 LT side moldings are difficult to replace / refinish. Another kind member supplied us some straight ones which needed quite a bit of sanding and polishing after stripping. So I am ready to go BUT THE BODY SHOP LOST THE CLIPS!!!

I see that in the discussions on the topic, many choose to leave them off. Can anyone help a poor 73 LT owner down on her luck

I just need a batch of plastic clips (ones that mount on studs on the door). The flexible "wings" on the clips measure 7/8" - 15/16"

Haven't found a source through the usual suppliers yet.

Any guidance appreciated.

73 LT owned 35 years
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I'm not sure which moldings you're referring to. There could be molding down on the rocker panels, at the top of the door where it meets the window, and at the middle of the door at the peak. Classic Industries has a pretty complete section on exterior molding and clips. I've found you need to check all the Camaro suppliers because no one stocks everything.

Body shops buy this kind of hardware from Paint & body equipment jobbers; stores that sell nothing but automotive paint and supplies to support the body shop trade. You can take your molding to them and they can match it to a clip that'll work for you. If they don't have the clips in stock, ask who they buy from and go see them. We have one of these huge suppliers in Columbus, Ohio named Kimball Midwest. They carry automotive hardware from a company named Auveco. They clips shouldn't be that hard to find, but considering the car is 40 years old, I could be wrong.
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The molding are not any of the three locations - rocker, door top edge or mid door- you refer to.

They are loccated very low on the door and is a three piece set that extend to front fender and rear. It is my understanding that they are a type LT option available in 73 (and later according to some site discussions).

The clip however is similar in function to the top door edge molding clip but fits a 7/8" wide molding. The clips mount on studs the same as the top door edge clips.

The moldings are not currently reproduced and none of the 2nd Gen suppliers carry the clips based on my inquiries.

I would be happy to be wrong, but I have come to the conclusion the parts I need will come from an owner who has decided to leave the moldings off of their project due to wear/damage of the moldings.

Any help appreciated.

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Check NAPA, they have a book with examples of body molding clips in it, take a old clip if you have it with ya.
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