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anyone running 4x4 roller cams?

Just recieved my new 383 block/roller lifters and factory dogbones/spider etc and looking a cams again
My engine guy says he has used the comp 4x4 cams and they give awsome low and mid range pull which suits a road car like mine with stock converter and 3.08 rear Im at around 9.6 compression.
Im currently tappin away with a flat tappet 268h cam and quite like it so looking for at least something similar in a roller cam
Any input welcomed!

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I am running the largest comp marine roller cam in my 79 with 10:1 compression and world sportsman II heads. I would not worry what name is on the cam (marine, 4x4, etc) that's just a recommendation. In my case the XM276HR is the same grind as the XR276HR car cam, but on a 112 LSA instead of a 110 LSA. I wanted the wider LSA for a slightly better idle for EFI friendliness.
Steven H.

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