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Un-used parts still good after sitting?

I have a eaton posi, and four edelbrock shocks that have not been out of the box. Are they still good to use? They have been sitting for 5+ years. I haven't posted here in years and am trying to get back into the camaro spirit!


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should be good. shocks are a crap shoot but it they are still NIB with the pistons still compressed in the body they might be ok. luckily shocks are easy to change if you put them in and there is an issue and you already bought them so what the hell!
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Rich Schmidt
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I am sure they are. A posi unit should last 100+ years if it isnt abused,so why wouldnt a new one last. I have been racing my race car for the last 17 years with the same shocks in it,and I still say my daily driver has "new" shocks because I put them in my last car 20 years ago,never drove it more then 500 miles,then moved them into my current daily driver 3 years ago and put another 5000 miles on them. I have seen parts that have been sitting on the shelf in speed shops for 25 years still being sold for new current prices(having the price raised 10 times to meet current prices). Most of the slow selling performance stuff that is is kept in stock in local speed shops is the better part of a decade.
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Thanks guys
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