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Pushrod guide plate help please!

These are old school Pro-Topline 220 heads, not the new ones from RHS. I'm wondering if the pushrod guide plates are the wrong ones, although they are the same ones that were on the heads before. The pics clearly show that the intake valve pushrod doesn't line up with the rocker stud. These are the same heads that came off the motor for a rebuild and valve job. I never noticed before that the rocker arm was that far off the valve stem. I'm installing all new roller cam, lifters, pushrods, and rockers. What gives? I removed the guide plate to check for pushrod length with my checker, because it wouldn't fit through the guide plate, and yes, I put it back on the correct way. Help please!!!!

Pic #1

Pic #2

Pic #3

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Looks like you need some adjustable guide plates like these

I think thats a pretty common problem on the big runner heads.
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My Protopline 220cc heads have the split guide plates, I think that's your solution.
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Well, upon further review, I found the problem. I took the pushrod guide plate back off and stuck the pushrod back in. If I lined up the pushrod with the stud and valve stem, it was very close (like almost touching) the side of the head. I then pulled one of my old intake rockers out, and guess what? It is offset .150 inch! SOOOOooooo........ I'm sending the new rockers back to Jegs and am going to run my old roller rockers and pushrods on the new setup. Between returning the new rockers and not having to buy new pushrods and adjustable guide plates I just saved $470!
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