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Muncie Reverse Lockout Rod

I have a 74 Z28 with an M20 Muncie 4-spd and I'm missing my reverse lockout rod. My assembly manual has part #s 493453 and 3975618 as the correct rods. I've tried repro rods online, but they are all 20 1/2" long, whereas measuring my stock setup revelas that it should be 21 1/2" long. Anyone have any insight on this problem or know of anywhere I can get one that fits???
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I used a '69 rod, cut it and spliced in a 1" piece, filled it in and ground it down, cut the end 2/3 the way through and TIG'd it, cleaned the weldwith a Dremel. Fits great,works fine, just need to stamp the #in and done. Cheap $29 and about an hour of time.
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Thanks for the tips and ideas guys. Since I know zero about welding, I'll look into that "Parts Place" link, but these are the same guys that are currently advertising the repro rod itself for 70-75 Camaro/Firebird on ebay that doesn't fit. I ordered one a few months ago, apparently like other people on the link, and it's 20 1/2" long, not 21 1/2" long. They refunded all my money, but why should I trust these guys again? They are cheats, as they still advertise that part that doesn't fit.
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