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Hooking Up a MSD 6AL to an Accel 71100 Distributor...

Can't I just hook the wire going from the distributor to the (-) side of the coil to the white pickup wire on the MSD 6AL and not use the violet/green wires?

I've had the MSd for a while and haven't installed it because I can't find instructions when wiring it to my distributor(71100 Billetproof)

MSD tech support doens't says that the magnetic pickup wiring cannot be used because the internal module acts like a HEI - whatever that means...
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You need to bypass the Accel module. the Accel module powers the distributor and now the MSD box will power the dist. I have an older Accel dist. that had an external module that needed to be removed/bypassed. If I remember correctly the 2 wires that exist the dist are green and red. You'll connect them the the MSD box green and purple connection. Green to green and red to purple.
Your existing ignition wire that was connected to the coil will now connect to the MSD small red wire. The MSD orange to the coil(+) and MSD small black to the coil(-).
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See the MSD site for details of using other Dist with their boxes.
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Originally Posted by Orange71

Here is another idea. Why not keep everything in the distributor hooked up and working? Take the distributor wire that would normally be connected to the coil (-) and connect it to the MSD white trigger wire (tape off the violet/green wires). Simple. This assumes that the distributor was hooked up to a power source and that you were already running the Accel unit with a stock coil. Anyway, the advantage is that you don't have to change the wiring in the distributor, and the white trigger wire is much less likely to pick up any spark interference.-Lazarus

Thanks - I got the idea from Lazurus in the forum you linked in the first place. I'm scratching my head but I'm going to use your idea Orange and see what I come up with.

Hhot - I downloaded the long PDF file from MSD first and my distributor is not addressed at all.

Hooking this thing up better be worth it! I will be upgrading my distributor at some point but wanted to install the MSD now that I have it.

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