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Removing Tires

I'll be getting all new tires for my car and will be cleaning and repainting my stock rims. I'd like to start tomorrow and the first thing is to remove the old balding tires. Since I don't have a tire changer at home is there any tips on how to get the tires off without one?
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its not worth it, pay somebody to dismount them...
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It is a lot of work. My neighbor used to do it for a tire service and he had some pretty good sized tools to break the bead then persuade it over the rim edge. It can be done, but like Chris said, pay someone if you can. Good luck.
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Sawzall if you are verrry careful. I mean REALLY careful!

Best to let someone with the right tools do it for you.

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indy camaro
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Of all the jobs you can do to save money and time .... This is definitely not one of them !!! Have it done dude !
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