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Horseshoe floor shifter

I have an OEM horseshoe floor shifter that originally came from a '72 Camaro in a wrecking yard, with a V-8 and Powerglide transmission. I'm installing the shifter in a '40 chevy hotrod with a V-8 and Powerglide. The only part I don't have to complete the installation is the gear selector lever on the transmission.

The Powerglide I've installed in the '40 is from a '73 Nova, and the gear selector lever that came with that transmission is for a column-shift rather than a floor shift. I've spent hour on the net and checked every aftermarket source I could find, but so far, I've been unable to find the right gear selector lever or even a photo or illustration of one. By the way, contrary to what I've been told by a couple of aftermarket vendors, the gear selector lever on my Powerglide detaches from the gear selector shaft.

If I had a picture or an illustration, I think I could modify the lever from the column shift to work. Any of you guys have a photo or maybe an illustration from an assembly manual that you would share? I'm open to other suggestions, as well. I'd like to get my hot rod on the road and out of my hair so I can play with my Camaro again. :-)
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