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Bodywork Observations from the last week

I spent a LOT of time in the garage this week. I had only the roof and driver's door to make perfect until I am done with the shell of my car.

1. If your car has been hit, it can be worse than being rusted. If it is rusted, you can cut and patch, if it is wrecked all bets are off as to why anything is the way that it is. Eventually, with time and patience, you can sort it all out and make it new again. Be prepared, to spend some time. I can patch paste and fab much faster than pull and get dimensionally correct!

2. If the door does not fit the opening, make it fit. Hanging and adjusting doors is a pain. On the first try at my car( I restored this same car before), the driver's door was the WORST fitting thing ever. In fact, the day I pulled it out of the paint booth and shut the door, I took fresh paint off of the edges. It now sits properly, does not sag and shuts rather nicely. . .a long time coming to be sure. I had to elongate the holes in the hinges to make the door align. If you MUST do this then weld up the excess space or the doors will NEVER stay were you put them. I learned this through trial and error.

3. The crappy stampings they have the nerve to call quarter panel patches are far from sharp. I ended up spending a day MAKING them sharp on the corners in the door gap with a mig welder. A pain staking process but they are, now, much more similar to the original factory edge which is on the passenger side of my car.

4. If you want your door gaps perfect (mine now have no more than +/- 2.5or 3 thousandths of an inch variance anywhere in the gap) be prepared to employ some old school bodyman tricks. I must admit, that while it does look over-restored now, I am pretty happy with how it came out. I hope that the door never moves!!!!

5. Do not put laquer primer on anything, anytime for any reason. If you ever had to sand it off a roof, you would know why. It is still not as bad as removing factory magic lacquer single stage top coat but it is terrible. 2 nice, wet coats of SPI epoxy over freshly exposed metal. . .MUCH better

6. This one is nothing new if you are anything like me. I thought to myself, "it will take a couple of hours to tidy up these door gaps with some old tricks". . . .9 hours later when I was putting away the tools I thought, "I am a very poor estimator!"

I have stopped posting pictures. Mostly because, in the absence of direct uploaded images, it is a pain (I understand the limitations and am not really complaining). The next pictures I post will likely be when the car is painted and re-assembled. Perhaps at that point it may be on its way to a new owner, just not sure how life turns out at this point.

Thanks for reading my fairly random thoughts,
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