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That last photo, with the older gentleman in the picture, is the one that would scare me the most. Notice how the car is sitting, up high in the front? Looks like the engine is out...

Just saying!
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Originally Posted by twozs
well you had to chose from 1 of the 4 trans options ( auto included ) . you couldn't get a rear ratio lower than a 373 in a 70 Z28 so im not realy sure what you mean by that . the m20 373 could even be had in 73 and 4 ( as long as you didn't have A/C ) the m20 342 was a forced A/C rear on the z in 73 and 4 . i thought there were members on the site with a M20 70 z . i mean all the literature states 4 speed manual or auto . are you familiar with the gm heritage site ? i mean , it looks legit and it states the m20 could be had in the 1970 z28 even with a optional 4.10 gear. i cant copy the page as it copy written or my java script wouldn't let me . here is a link to the site , its easy to follow . . not trying to be a PITA , but i thought you could get a M20 on a 70 - 73 Z28 ??? i cant see any reason why not . and there was no forced or standard trans for an year Z , except in 73 when you ordered A/C it forced the M20 342 combo
I totally missed this response sorry...not trying to be a PITA? Then what's the signature for? - LOL

No foolin' I get the gist of your comments and why. I am working from memory on this so will have to dig around to see if I can find the root for this memory - or not. I am familiar with the GM Heritage site but had not specifically looked up transmissions on it. In 1st gen Z's the default rear gear is 3.73 and the M-21 is mated to that axle - I'm pretty sure no substitutions. Being that it was the option crazy '60s one could order any other gear with Z/28 but the tranny changed accordingly. IIRC 3.73 and up meant M-21 below 3.73 meant M-20 - now I just have to recall where I read that
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