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Nah it looks okay. I just felt the need to add something not illegal in this thread after seeing it come back to the top.
Steven H.

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Everytime I take my Z28 out for a cruise, cause' cruisin' is what I do, it never fails that I pull up next to some ford fiesta/mitsu with a tach on the hood and wheel barrow tires just revin up their gerbal wheel vibrating their stick-on side fender vents!!!
I like to rev the engine just to let em' know I've "Got it where it counts" but pull away slowly.

Keep fightin in the ring/cage and racing on the strip!!!
Just because It's in the news all the time, doesn't mean it's happening all the time!!

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Originally Posted by ipud
We put Jap Traps on cinder blocks around here. We don't wave the American flag for novelty.
Black Sabbath Matters....
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My car was transported up from Philly in an enclosed trailer. When it was being unloaded on a hydraulic platform, some kid in a red Civic saw it and pulled in. He revved his engine a couple times and asked how much HP does the car have. Well, the car was ready to drive off the platform, so the trucker jumped in and fired it up. The kid in the Civic looked down and slowly drove away......
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