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Originally Posted by Bobby G
Really? No on has gone to the track with there cars?

Hell yea I go

98Z/28 A4 stock motor/heads w/ cam, LS6 intake, BRP Hot Rod hedders (that's the way the spell them), Yank 3600 converter, 3.42 gears 369 RWHP MT DR's

Weighed it twice, once at the track and once at the town dump and it weighed 3350 at the track and 3400 at the dump (no driver)

Last October I finally cracked the 11's 11.98 @ 111 mph low 1.7 sixty ft
The car is consistent as a mo-fo, most of October I was running 12.0's constantly, hot lapping and still runing 12.0, 12.0, 12.1, 12.0 and then finally got my 11

mpg - 14-18 mixed, but it depends on how much you hammer on it but generally I don't drive it Emily post polite 20 on the highway
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