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My LS3 in the 72 camaro pulls every bit as hard as the 406 in the 68. the 68 runs 11.30. With tires the 72 will be close. Im just in the break-in stage, but I am expecting good #s. I promise I will let EVERYONE know when the #s come. With a .64 OD, 26" tire, FI and 3.42 gears i hope to get 20+ MPG on the big road.
72 camaro, cammed LS3, 2004R, 3.42 10 bolt. My newschool72 !

68 camaro, 406, th350, 4.10s. Old schoolin hotrod. 11.30 at 120 on dragrads, pumpgas, footbraken.

I prefer the simplistic life of telling the truth. Besides Im not smart enough to remember what I said, if I tell a lie. That being said, if the truth is going to hurt your feelings, please don't ask the question.
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