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My question was not meant to be a rant against EZ-EFI. If I have more than a third of tank, there is absolutely no problem in engine performance. Below that level, in spirited driving only, it will hesitate when fuel flows away from the pickup. This is not a fault of the design, just the result of a fuel tank designed over forty years ago for a carbureted engine. Carburetors have float bowls that have enough fuel in them to supply engines with floored accelerator pedals until the fuel pump catches up with demand. The original tank does not have, nor does it need, a tray to provide fuel at the pickup tube when tank level gets low. I am talking about a carbureted engine, of course. The Spectra tank does have a tray. In hindsight, I just should have requested a recommendation for a fuel pump only. When no answer was forthcoming, I did so more research, and it appears the the Aeromotive 340 pump should fill the bill. If I purchase the tank and the pump, I promise to take pictures and describe the install. But please know, I am happy with the EZ-EFI system. If you keep enough gasoline in the tank, it will perform as promised.
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