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Originally Posted by MadMike
Yessir... the 74 is my only camaro that has A/C. The 80 and 73's don't have it. A/C was always optional in the camaro, unless it was restricted (on the Z, prior to 1973).

That wood is for Kyles Eagle project. He's going to build some dog houses for the humane society in town.

Shane, I'M GOING TO THROW AWAY those NOS date coded, numbers matching correctly plated bucket'o'bolts. I had to hunt down every nut bolt and screw for this car, so I spent last weekend sorting through 3 tons of hardware. And I'm chucking (no pun) a lot of it.

Tonight I got the doors on. Lined up nice & fine. That got me to thinkin, I can assemble the insides of the doors and the door panels and have them ready. I found a lot of stuff I was looking for.

Mike - before you put those door panels on, put some nice new thick plastic b/w the panel and the door to keep the moisture away from the inside panel.

If you need any NOS air, I got some of that too. Need some 35 year old NOS grease for the front end linkage? I got that too, but you have to pay shipping.
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