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Body Restoration "Stickies" - look here 1st for common questions and good ideas

Window alignment

Hinge Detent Roller Replacement

Tail light resto 101


Making tail light gaskets

Gas tank and sending unit install with pics.......

Changing subframe bushings

Mounting a Rear Spoiler (Where to drill holes)

Adding Z28 Fender Vents

This is difference between Camaro & Firebird flares and body lines

Trunk weatherstrip install

Do it yourself drip rail install

Roof Skin Replacement

WHOLE Roof Replacement

70-73 Z28 Stripes

Fender Bolt ID

Johnny Bondo Series

Camaro & Firebird flares and body lines differences

Difference between Z28 & Trans Am wheel flares

Rotisserie plans

Automotive Restoration Fasteners, Hardware, Fastener Kits, Parts

1980-1981 Z28 Stripe Placement Measurements

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