2nd Generation Camaro Owners Group

Hell Everyone, Ryan here from UMI Performance. New here as sponsors but have always lurked the site.

We have been building suspension for the 82-02 F-Body as well as the G-Body and A-body for many years... we have now recently jumped in the 2nd gen and pretty heavily. This thread will be dedicated to the build process of our 1971 Camaro that is ultimately being built for autocross and road race events.

We aquired this car in spring of 2015 from a Spring Carlisle swap meet, unfortunately it has taken us until late 2016 to finally start the build process. Please follow along, I will start the post from when we got it and keep adding.

Here's the car as we purchased it in spring 2015 (non-Z28, only badged by previous owner) The body was recently redone and car painted, it looks good for us and saves us that step. The engine was a spent 350 (originally thought a 305 but was a 350) with a TH350 transmission.





With a little luck and some savings it happened.
I never thought this day would come, I purchased a 1972 Camaro. The Camaro is nothing special, just a norwood coupe with a seized up 350. This however, is not my first Camaro.
Just a little introduction about myself, I am in the Army currently stationed in South Korea, originally from Los Angeles, CA. I was previously stationed in GA, I purchased a 1977 Camaro during my time there and I slowly built the car through the years. The car was a great project but unfortunately, I came up on orders and with a short amount of time I was unable to bring the car back home. I sold the car and thought that was it; all the effort, busted knuckles, long nights and early mornings, gone. The stress involved and most of all the feeling you get when you finally get it running and that long spirited drive after a long day’s work, I thought those feelings were gone.
Recently I came across the perfect opportunity. I have been saving up for another great project and a few months ago I was able to fly home on mid-tour leave. I was scrolling through Craigslist and I came across a 1972 Camaro. I couldn’t believe I had found the car of my dreams! Only a two hour drive away from home and well in my budget, without hesitation I drove up to Bakersfield, CA and purchased the car. It’s not the perfect car, it has rust but I am willing to work with it. Here it is, "EL Maro".

Later that day i pulled everything off, striped the hood and sprayed some epoxy. At this point I was very eager to find out what this car had.....
I figured I'd start a project thread for my 1975 Camaro. I bought my car when I was 21 living in PA, I remember when I test drove it the car actually broke down. It had been sitting in a garage for 3 years and the battery would not hold a charge and the car just stalled out about a mile from the previous owners house. We settled on $2000 cash and I drove the car home 2 days later.

I drove the hell out the car for a couple of years, and the motor that was in the car let go on one of it's many "fun" runs. So replacing the engine was the only thing I really did to it. That is until I got out of college and landed a steady job managing a dairy farm. I went through most of the suspension and some other goodies and one of my best friends wanted it in his wedding. Fast forward to now after many moves and jobs the car always came with me. I decided that I could afford to do the car the way I wanted, I talked it over with my wife and she was on board with me as long as it did not get out of hand. My budget is modest but more than adequate for what I have in mind.

We recently sold our house and are moving out of the area where all of the work in the pictures took place. Instead of a 10 minute commute I am looking at an hour but we are going to be so much happier. We were living in a 2 family house with family members and decided it was time to move on. Now that we sold our house I am in an extended stay until we close on the new place which means that the car is in storage.

The body is in decent shape but the rockers and lower quarters will need attention. The roof will need some attention also because at some point in it's life a sunroof was installed and I just hate the way it looks....