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05-17-2007, 10:35:37 PM
Guys, Need some help. What is the going $ on a full set of restored 70 Camaro seatbelts? My car has an incomplete set. I am missing the shoulder belts and rear seatbelts. Was considering just buying a whole new set but am unsure about how much I should be expecting to pay. Unless someone has these pieces available... My interior is bright blue.. Thanks in advance..

05-18-2007, 12:39:04 AM
seen them on ebay for as high as $600. i got a set for my 70 on e bay for $165:( and when i got them home they needed a lot of work and wasn't worth the price i pay for them.
do some shopping around check out some swap meet too. I should have done that but i didn't have any seat belt on my car and was in a rush to get it on the road.

05-18-2007, 08:09:03 AM
It also depends on which set your looking for? They came with standard and custom set, custom was brushed Stainless steel standard were hard plastic.

Good luck they are hard to find and expensive, search ebay.

05-18-2007, 09:39:56 AM
I had mine restored for my 70. Cost me $425 Here the guys number's
801-955-9771 or 801-963-2185 and email chuckstu66@hotmail.com

05-19-2007, 11:17:47 PM
Just an FYI here...

Been doing a heck of a lot of research over this weekend with Mike (THNDER). After looking at my car and a few of his survivors.. We have come up with the following...

1970 Camaro belts

Lap belts w/retractors #1007

Shoulder belts both ends are # 1052

Rear belts both ends are # 1912

Deluxe buckles are Hamill

Standard belts are Irvin

I appreciate the offers thus far. I am in contact with someone who has a full set of blue belts for a 70 Camaro. They are restored and will get tags coded to my liking. A lot of $ but its worth it as these belts are 1 year only. And being their blue is even more difficult. The only catch is that he doesn't have the deluxe buckles so I have to go with standard plastic for a while till I can get 6 deluxe buckles then I can switch them over. I am told they are easy to swap out.. True?

05-20-2007, 04:05:52 PM
I had mine restored for my 70. Cost me $425 Here the guys number's
801-955-9771 or 801-963-2185 and email chuckstu66@hotmail.com

I bought just the shoulder belts for my 70 from this guy and he does excellant work. I recommend him highly.:cool:
And yes Darren, they are pretty simple to install. The shoulder belts will be fun if you have a new headliner without them, but do a search and you will find a thread with the dimensions to locate the holes. I know it's there because I started it!!