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07-25-2006, 10:15:16 PM
Did the 1970 SS 350 have an idle solenoid?

Gary S
07-26-2006, 09:23:33 AM
Mine does not, but my car does not have air conditioning. Air conditioned cars usually had an idle solenoid only for the purpose of setting up the idle when the air conditioning compressor was running.

07-26-2006, 06:20:10 PM
Thanks Gary. My car has AC. Does anyone have a '70 SS 350 with an idle solenoid? In the assembly manual it shows one for the 350 2 barrel carb set up but it is not shown on the L48 engine.

07-30-2006, 04:37:46 PM
For anyone who might be interested - after looking through the assembly manual and the service and overhaul manual my conclusuion is that none of the L48 engines had an idle stop solenoid - manual or auto, AC or no AC.

I was interested because I'm making my car as stock as I can under the hood.

Gary S
07-30-2006, 05:51:53 PM
I don't know about Camaro, but I parted out a 70 Caprice many years ago. It had the L48 engine, air conditioning, and an idle solenoid for the air. The Caprice L48 engine has a different suffix code from the Camaro L48.

07-30-2006, 09:57:19 PM
Not sure about 70 Camaro's, but my 71 RS/SS has an idle solenoid and A/C with the original 4bbl quadrajet.

07-31-2006, 06:28:34 PM
My car has the original 4 barrel quadrajet carb also. For carburetor idle ajustment the Camaro service manual has no reference to ajusting an idle solenoid for the 70 model year. There is for the 71 model year. This makes me think there never was one on the 70.

Anyone out there have an original SS350 with AC?

thanks for all the input

1970 gold
08-03-2006, 06:30:19 PM
If the car has A/C then it had one, lots of times it is removed if there was a carb swap or the a/c stops working. The issue is not in locating the sol the trick is finding the bracket that holds it to the Quad. I have been watching e-bay for 2 years and no sol carb q-jet bracket ever listed. I wish I could advise where to find the bracket, but I'm still looking myself.

08-03-2006, 09:34:16 PM
thanks 1970 gold

does anyone have a photo of this set-up?

08-03-2006, 09:56:58 PM
I got my quadrajet solenoid bracket from Carbs Unlimited. Called them and they shipped one right out. I think it was like 25.00 plus shipping.


08-04-2006, 02:17:56 PM
There is no listing in the GM parts catalogs for 1970 SS 350 Camaro or Chevrolet Pass Car 350 with 4 Barrel Carb anti-diesel solenoid bracket

The idle stop or anti-diesel solenoid bracket with Quadrajet 4BC is not listed in the 1970 Camaro Assembly Manual or in the 1970 Chevrolet (Impala) Assembly Manual and is not listed in listed in Group 3.444. in the Chevrolet Parts and Accessories Catalogs dated 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973 or 1974.

I can't find the 1970 style Quadrajet 4 barrel carb solenoid bracket listed anywhere in my GM smog books, 1970 Service Repair Manual or in the 1969 Chevrolet Parts catalog dated July 1969. The 1969 Chevrolet Parts Catalog lists solenoid brackets for Q-jet's with 4BC and Holley Carbs and mounts with a bracket and clamp like the one used on the 1970 Z28 with automatic transmission and do not look anything like the 68-70 style bracket I have.

I have an anti-diesel solenoid bracket for Quadrajet 4BC purchased thru a business that only sold smog parts over 15 years ago. The 1970 style bracket uses the small center screw on top of carb and the long 5/16 bolt (carb to intake mounting bolt) to mount bracket to carb. I am not sure if this is even a GM bracket, this may be an aftermarket bracket sold thru auto parts stores to stop dieseling problems on 1968-70 style 4 Barrel Q-jets. Aftermarket companies made replacement solenoids and may have made this bracket too, if there was large enough call for an item like this.

The 1970 Chevrolet Parts Catalog and 1970 Camaro Assembly Manual shows only the 307 anti-diesel solenoid bracket and the 350 with 2 Barrel Carb anti-diesel solenoid bracket (different than 307) and No listing for Chevrolet Pass Car (Impala) 350 with 4BC anti-diesel solenoid bracket and do not show idle control solenoid bracket to increase idle speed for A/C equipped Cars.

The 68-70-style anti-diesel solenoid bracket I have is bare steel and has no part number stamped on the bracket. GM solenoid brackets are gold plated and are usually stamped with a partial or complete GM part number and the company's logo.

1971-73 Quadra jet solenoid brackets are gold plated and stamped company Logo "BP" and 42682, the last 5 numbers of the part number and are listed in Gr. 3.444 Bracket Carb Solenoid 7042682 with Roch. 4BC

1971-73 style brackets use one slotted tab on the front and another boxed type tab on the side of the carb (tabs are casted on 1971-73 Q-jet 4 barrel Carbs) and a screw on the front of the carb for mounting the bracket on 4 barrel Q-jet Carbs

The pics below show the 68-70 style bracket vs the 1971-73 bracket

Not sure if this clears up the question or causes more confusion, but there is no listing for 1970 anti-diesel solenoid bracket with Quadrajet 4 barrel carb.



1970 gold
08-04-2006, 08:34:02 PM
thanks 1970 gold

does anyone have a photo of this set-up?

Please review the pictures that I have attached. The parts are aftermarket but are the best I can find up to this point. The Idle stop solenoid is a Borg Warner part number ECS43


These pictures should help you out and give you an idea of what you are looking for.

08-05-2006, 01:11:08 AM
Here a few pics of the solenoid bracket and solenoid for my 71.



08-05-2006, 09:29:19 AM
The lack of a part number for 1970 and no mention of a solenoid in the Camaro assebly manual for 1970 and no mention of it for carb idle adjustment in the service manual for any model of the 350 300HP engine makes me think that this was not a factory part. I think that is what M21RSZ28 is saying as well.

I have seen the part on the 71 that LS1,1971 has posted. I have also seen it attached to may used Qjets being sold at swap meets. The attaching points for this bracket are not on the 70 part 7040202 Qjet carb.

In my area of southern Ontario I have not come across another 1970 SS350 in original condition - most are modified in some way - that has the solenoid on it. I keep looking.

If anyone has a factory original 1970 350SS it would be great to hear from you.

Thanks for all the feedback - this is one great site!

1970 gold
08-06-2006, 02:00:37 PM
Here a few pics of the solenoid bracket and solenoid for my 71.



GM changed the setup from 1970 to 1971. If you look at the bracket above you can see the square notch at the end, if you look at the 1970 carb it is not on the left side, but on 1971 it is!!. If you have a true 1970 Q-jet carb the 1971 solenoid bracket will not work. The 1971 has a Vac setup to run the sol, when the 1970 is not.

As the what the is and is not listed in the books on the Camaro's if your car had A/C and Q-jet then it had the sol!! While the books are good for ref they are not the end all be all!!!

08-06-2006, 11:48:35 PM
I have an auto, A/C, SS350 and from what I researched on the L48 in 1970 it did not have an idle solenoid. 71 may have been different, but as you know 1970 was a transitional year, with a few one of a kind features. My car was in original, unrestored condition when I got it and did not appear to have evidence of this bracket and the solenoid. The assembly manual doesn't show this solenoid for the L48, auto, or manual, but assembly manuals can sometimes be hard to deciper. The plug for the wiring is in the engine wiring harness but its there because I think the L65 version of the 350 had this solenoid. So in my digging on the subject , in 1970, the L65 and not the L48 had the solenoid. It also looks like the Base L6, Z-28 with an automatic had it, but I don't know Z's as well. Let me know the specifics on your car, I have a Van Nuys built SS 350, with auto, air, and California emmisions(NA9). Sounds like our cars are similar. Bo Scott

08-07-2006, 07:40:12 AM
Thanks Bo
My car was built in Norwood the third week of April. It is a strait bumper car with auto and AC. I have the protecto plate and the engine is numbers matching. The engine has headers and the carb is a Qjet from a 75 vehicle. I have the original correct dated exhaust manifolds and the original carb (number and date) from the previous owner who got them from the person he purschased the car from. I'm owner number 4.

The TCS solenoid was not on the car but all of the other parts and wiring for it were. I purchased the TCS solenoid and put it on because I want it to look stock. That lead to my question about the idle solenoid.

The plug for the solenoid wiring is also in the engine wiring harness in my car and I think the wiring is common to all Camaro models.

The service and assembly manuals do not state anything about an idle solenoid on the 1970 396 cars either. Maybe someone with a 396 version could help clear this up - idle solenoid or no idle solenoid?

Thanks again for the comments - Fred