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10-18-2004, 01:58:00 PM
This is prob the only 79 camaro ive seen with absolutly "NO" rust what so ever.
I started restoring her & i just dont have the time. And i have a serious addiction to buying records
I have put a good chunk of time & $$ into her I still have a lot of parts that i havent installed yet
ive done a lot of interior work. I bought new gages ( which need to be replaced now cause of a short ) New headliner, doorpanels & armrests New center counsel
& back seat's, carpet, all interior rear panels, Exterior has been primed & painted, but was not clearcoted
rearend is jacked up a bit with some meaty rear tires, i have "alot of part's for her,Brand new in the box Edlebrock High rise manifold, with a what ive heard Very Very rare Bendex & Stromberg 2barrel carb, ( the Biggest 2 barrel ive ever seen )
RoadRunner Headers, & Side pipe Exhaust ( exhaust runs down the side of the car ) extra large split exhast glass pack..... a very good buy for what ive put in her,

if interested plez call me or e-mail.clayvin1200@hotmail.com