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10-17-2012, 09:26:47 AM
I'm going to paint my 78, everything on the outside not inside.Most likely with gold metallic.Don't really know what brand to use,but I understand that using a cheaper paint doesn't cover as well,but also I can't afford to spend 400.00 on paint.This will be my first paint job also.Any ideas on a user friendly metallic paint that won't brake the bank? I've been doing alot of resurch on this an it seems I'll need 3 coats plus a little more.About how much metallic paint would I need?

10-17-2012, 09:42:10 AM
Gallon did mine with a little left over.If its a custom mix,I would get a little more for down the road.

10-17-2012, 10:25:42 AM
First Paint job? Don't spray metallic!!!!!!! Shoot it a solid color and be happy with your work. Tooo Many opportunities to screw up metallic paint.

10-17-2012, 11:17:32 AM
i mixed 2 gallons for my car and almost used it all but thats doing all the flares and wheels as well

10-17-2012, 02:21:08 PM
the gold does not cover well. i have painted several solar gold t/a's. this gold takes 4 passes to cover completely. you also have different mixing ratios with different paints. usually 1-1 or 2-1. i always want more paint than i need. are you using b/c c/c or single stage? money spent on good paint will pay off in the long run.

10-18-2012, 07:58:14 AM
I'm going to use a base coat then clear coat.I was told not to use metallic for my first paint job,but I'm kind of limited because my interior color is camel ( dark tan). I'm having a hard time finding a color I like that will match.Didn't want to use black, to much like a trans am,don't want white,tan,red,the only color I kind of liked was jaguar green,( racing green). So I'm going to paint it the same color it came with or something close. I've been studying Autobody101 & SPI web site an have learned alot,taking notes. One question I have is what is an inter coat, what's its use. Another question is can I tint the 2k primer to something like a light brown to help out the coverage of the gold metallic? Is their something I can buy to change the color of a white 2k primer? Or skip on using white an use a gray?

10-18-2012, 12:35:45 PM
I know you can tint the SPI 2K Urethane Sealer with up to 10% color (according to Barry) but I'm not sure about the 2k Primer. I had white sealer left over from a project and I added black Pro-Spray toner to make it grey.


10-18-2012, 10:50:10 PM
You can think of intercoat clear as clear base coat. . .cause that is what it is. It is devoid of pigments, toners or metallics. It is used for custom work or pearls. Here is an example. I painted my daily driver acura with white base coat. Then I mixed silver and blue ghost pearl pigments into SPI's intercoat clear and sprayed two light coats of it THEN cleared the whole thing. The effect is a pearl blue/silver cast in the right light conditions only a direct angle to the surface. My Camaro is metallic blue with ghost Z28 stripes in white pearl. I used the itercoat clear for this as well. Unless you are looking, you cannot see them, by design. If you are not doing customs or pearls or making your own base coat (which I recently did at a decent cost savings but would NOT recommend any beginner do) then you do not need intercoat clear. It is a fantastic product and SPI's is priced at a third of PPG's which is inferior anyway.

As far as tinting primer or sealer. It can be done BUT what are you trying to do. It may end up being easier and cheaper to just use base coat. So if you are doing gold, and worried about coverage so you want to lay something down first, you could use brown basecoat. My best advice is to buy basecoat that will cover well. I think that Ken already warned you that gold is pretty transparent. I do not recall every having sprayed any gold so I can't advise.

I did heavily tint SPI epoxy primer with black toner paste to make a dark gray contrast coat when block sanding. It works OK but there are limits to how much you should add. Run everything by Barry as he is the expert.

I hope that helps. Free advice, buy some gold base, get a test panel and a decent gun, get it dailed in and see what you come up with. You may be able to pull it off. Camel interior goes really well with Red in my mind but you seem to be opposed which I respect.

Good luck,

10-19-2012, 12:12:31 AM
only thing with tinting primers or sealers is that it can sometimes cause you not to put enough base on the car. if you get the sealer tinted too close to your color you can wind up with not enough base on the car. i want a pretty good bit of contrast in my sealer and base. when i i see no sealer under the base i am spraying i know i have the car covered. as far as camel tan interior you can go with a white, yellow, beige, red, i would highly consider this color below, it is a 1980 color and looks very good with a camel interior. i painted this car about 5-6 years ago. it had a camel tan interior and the paint has no metallic in it

this car took almost 2.5 gals of sprayable material, but was painted inside and out.

10-19-2012, 12:39:13 AM
Well, a $400 budget ain't much. I have been successful with 3 coats on a metallic - 2 to get it colored and a third to lay the metallic even. BUT it depends on your paint choice. Omni for example is WAY watered down compared to PPG and would take more to cover. PPG is very pricey but will cover very well. I just painted a Camaro that was SPI 2K gray with a PPG red basecoat and it almost covered in 1 coat. You are always better with less coats ( less trash less runs). I painted an entire car exterior plus all jambs and spoiler 3 coats with 3 quarts raw color (6 qts mixed). Do you have quality guns, compressor and such?

10-19-2012, 03:53:04 AM
Compressor is 45 gal.but I can add on a 6 gal. Air tank,it has a 2 HP motor.As far as guns go I planning on using HF purple,I'm got the gun with the 1.8 tip also.I was reading about this paint,Wanda.Soupose to be good paint an I'm guessing it not as expensive as the other top line paint.Its either that or Prospray.To be honest I don't know what I'm doing nor do I spell well,I've got a old hood & fender on the side of the house an I'll shoot some paint on them a few times.This time last year I rebuilt a 700r4,I had never been past the valve body before,an again had know idea what I was doing,but I had 3 books an a DVD,its in my 78 now an works great.I'm sure I can handle this,hell all I can really do is f---it up.

10-19-2012, 01:46:47 PM

Great attitude! Honeslty! All you can do is screw it up. Then you have 2 options sand it or live with it and neither is the end of the world. I never rebuilt a tranny but am guessing that if you can teach yourself to do that, you can teach yourself to paint. Buy a pint of base, some cheap clear and make the spare hood and fender pretty.

BTW- base and clear 1.3 or 1.4 tip. 1.8 great for epoxies, high build and other primers!

Have at it, your attitued will make you successful!

Matt's 73 z
10-19-2012, 10:59:24 PM
I've been spraying Wanda base a bunch lately in my shop and it's some pretty nice stuff. I just did a complete on a 2011 dodge 4 door Ram ( inferno/blaze red) jambs and all with 3 quarts of their base. Their reds cover really well as do their silvers and golds. The first color I sprayed with Wanda was Dodge's electric blue and it didn't cover very well at all. I almost didn't give them a second chance. Thankfully I did try it again and have had really good luck ever since.

Wanda is an Akzo Nobel product so your supplier should also have the U-Tech paint line. If so, you could use the U-Tech 460 sealer which can be mixed in any color you need.

10-20-2012, 09:26:43 AM
I'm going to use a base coat then clear coat. I was told not to use metallic for my first paint job, but I'm kind of limited because my interior color is camel (dark tan). I'm having a hard time finding a color I like that will match. Didn't want to use black--too much like a TransAm. Don't want white, tan, or red. I've been studying Autobody101 & SPI web site and have learned a lot, taking notes.

I know you don't want red, but how about red-orange?

Its a 1980 Camaro color (Code 79), non-metallic, and looks good with a tan interior:



76 camaro car 1
10-20-2012, 09:27:05 AM
If one of my customers wants to save on paint I use ATX from sherwin williams. It covers a lot better than their demensions brand and cheaper than their 2000 series. It reduces down 1:1 so 3 qts. should give you plenty of paint for the exterior. That will give you 1 1/2 gallons of sprayable. In my opinion metallic basecoat is not that hard to shoot because the color dries fast enough to where its not that bad about modeling or metallic sagging.Good luck with your project.