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02-13-2000, 12:19:00 AM
I have an intake off a 74 vette.. Can anyone decode these numbers?

Any help would be appreciate.. http://www.nastyz28.com/ubb/smile.gif


Doug G
02-17-2000, 01:49:00 PM
I had one of those in my shop, it was an early '80's EGR aluminum intake. I traded it for a set of buckets for a ' 67 Chevelle! Good trade if I do say so myself!

02-23-2000, 01:13:00 PM
So your saying this intake is Garbage?? I thought Alum Intake were rare on Gm motors?
Every 350cid I've seen had a cast iron intake
on them... Maybe I lived a sheltered life..
I don't know.. Thanks for the input anyway http://www.nastyz28.com/ubb/smile.gif


02-23-2000, 03:59:00 PM
theyre not junk by any means. its a really nice intake to use especially on a emissions motor. my uncle runs one on a 357ci BEAST. plus its pretty low profile so you dont have to worry about hood clearance.

Doug G
02-23-2000, 07:46:00 PM
I'm not saying it's junk, I said I traded it for a set of seats.The intake will bring $75 tops at a swap meet, the seats I sold for $250, a difference of $175. What do you think, pretty good trade, eh? http://www.nastyz28.com/ubb/wink.gif

These are the same intakes that came out on 305 H.O. engines, in Monte's, Z28's ,'Vettes, etc. and if you need EGR , they are good. They are plentiful down here. I get more replies for aftermarket ones, or rare factory ones, but every once in a while , someone wants one of these. I have 2 Torkers for a small block, and many other aluminum ones (Factory hi-po ones!)for B/B and S/B both.

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Gary S
02-29-2000, 02:50:00 AM
An intake's worth is determined by its casting shape more than the material it is made of.
Aluminum has the advantage of weighing about half as much as cast iron.
I have a factory aluminum intake on my 85 Caprice 305. In fact, all 83-85 Caprice (and probably many more years) 305s had aluminum intakes. There is nothing wrong with them, they just are no better than iron intakes of the same casting would be.
I sold my 2 extra Caprice aluminum intakes at a swap meet last summer for $15 each.
I still have a factory aluminum 2bbl intake from an earlier Caprice that I have not even tried to unload.
If you live where emissions is an issue, use these intakes. If emissions don't matter, I personally won't use any EGR intake.