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04-22-2010, 02:47:50 PM
I'll Start and Hopefully we can sticky this.
Year weight
1974 Camaro
3400 race weight

Dyno numbers
Engine Dyno numbers 673/610 FWHP
RWHP 550

498 CI
12.2 to 1 compression
merlin Grumpy Jenkins rect port heads .250/.188 valves
eddy 454R single plane
1150 dominator jetted at 92 SQ
solid Roller cam

Headman headers 2 in primaries 3 in colectors
open exhaust

Rear and weight movement
4:10 spool with 10 bolt moser axles and c clip elim
dual batt in trunk
fuel cell in trunk

6 point Bar
Rancho rear shocks set at 5
Summit 90/10 in ft
calvert split monos
MT 28x10.5x15 stiffwall slicks (12.5 psi cold)

Turbo 400 with a trans brake

10.30's @128 so far in 2013

04-22-2010, 06:09:33 PM
Year weight
1971 RS Camaro
Stock weight

Dyno numbers
Engine Dyno numbers 537hp/504 tq @ flywheel

462 CI
10.1 to 1 compression
Edelbrock 100cc heads ported
eddy Vic Jr. Rect port
750 BG Mighty Demon
Ultradyne solid FT 251°/259° .601/.625 110 lsa
MSD 6AL box with Pro Billet mech dist

Hooker Comp 2 in primaries 3.5 in collectors
Turn downs before rear axle

Rear and weight movement
4:10 10 bolt with moser axles

Slide A Links
Summit 90/10 in ft
MT 275/60-15 DR

Turbo 350
3000 stall

11.56 @ 117mph

04-22-2010, 06:30:44 PM
Year weight
1975 Camaro
race weight ??

Dyno numbers
Engine Dyno numbers 474 RWHP

496 CI
10.1 to 1 compression
Big Bordix BB2 plus
titanium retainer
professional product single plane
1000 cfm prosystems 4150 92 jets on all 4 corners
comp cams solid roller .773/.785 274/282
crower shaft rockers
comp cams lifters
7/16" double taper pushrods .120 wall
eagle crank
eagle H beam rods
SRP forged pistons

Headman headers 2 in primaries 3 in colectors with 2' turn downs

Rear and weight movement
Moser 9" 4:10 spool with 35 spline axles wilwood disc brake
3" DOM custom built driveshaft 1350 u-joints
batt in stock location
fuel cell in trunk
BG 400 fuel pump 1/2" fuel line

SW 8 point cage
SW ladder bars with coil over
competition engineering 90/10 front shocks
GW tubular race control arms
MT 26x10.5x15 slicks (12 psi)

Turbo 350 with brake and JW Ultra Bell (built by me)
Hughes 4500 converter GM94

10.71 @ 126 mph spinning the back tires with the leaf springs

04-22-2010, 06:50:57 PM
Year weight
1981 Camaro
3450lbs race weight

Dyno numbers
Never dyno'd

409 CI SBC
10.4 to 1 compression
AFR 195cc Eliminator heads
Edelbrock Vic Jr
901cfm Pro Systems Holley
Solid Roller Comp XR286R .614/.620 248 I/254 E
NOS Super Powershot, 150hp jets

1 3/4" Hooker Super Comps, 2 1/2" x pipe, 2 1/2" short dumps before diff.

Rear and weight movement
8.5" 10 bolt, welded axle tubes, 3.73 gears, Richmond Lock Right, Strange axles and c clip eliminators
battery in trunk
16 gallon fuel cell in trunk

Home made weld in SFC
8 point Bar
Comp Eng front & rear shocks
Stock rear leafs & Moroso Trick springs up front.
Weld Wheel Prostars 15 X 3.5" fronts & 15 X 8" on the back
295/65-15 MT ET Street Radials
Manual steering, power brakes

TH350 with a Coan 10" convertor, no brake

10.236@ 131.5mph in 4600' air
11.6@118mph in 5000' air NA

04-22-2010, 06:55:49 PM
Year weight
1974 Camaro
hopefully under 3200lbs w/driver
all fiberglass panels on soon.

Dyno numbers
Engine Dyno numbers N/A, should be 600+

468 CI
13.1 to 1 compression
G.M. #3964291 rect port heads 2.19/1.88 valves
Wieand Team-G with 1" built in spacer / single plane
850 holley modified heavily
solid roller adv. dur. 302/310, 276/284@.050, .731/.731 lift, 108 lsa

Hooker headers 2 in primaries 3.5 in collectors
3.5" through X section and 3.5" Dynomax Ultra Flows, stops there

Rear and weight movement
4:11 spool with 12 bolt moser rear housing, moser axles, ford housing ends
5/8" wheel studs and support cover from freddie (BGH).
batt in trunk
fuel cell in trunk

SFC going in next
6 point cage
Torque arm
C.E. three way adjustables front and rear, spc tubular upper a-arms
stock 5 leaf rear
MT 28x10.5x15 slicks

Turbo 400 with a trans brake by jake
5200-5400 converter

04-22-2010, 06:56:46 PM
Year weight
1971 Camaro
Race weight 3100 lbs
All steel/glass hood

Dyno numbers
Never seen a Dyno

355 SBC
11.1 to 1 compression
Speedpro 2304 0.100" dome
Canfield 197cc 23-500-65 heads
2.05" IN / 1.60" EX
Edelbrock Victor JR
Holley 4777 650DP
Crane HR 119841 Hydraulic Roller Cam
.539"/.558" lift 234*/242* Dur 112 LC
Comp Pro Magnum rockers
Scat cast crank
Scat forged rods
140 gph Mallory pump
1/2" fuel lines.

Headman headers #65104
1.75" Primaries 3" collectors and extensions.

Rear and weight movement
12 bolt 4:10 Strange spool with 33 spline axles & C-clip eliminators
Stock driveshaft
Batt in trunk
5 gallon fuel cell in trunk

C/E Bolt-in SFC
Jegs 6 point bars
Home made Slapper bars, contacts spring eye.
30 year old HD Sears front shocks
30 year old HD Sears rear shoocks
Stock springs all 4 corners
MT 28x10.5x15 slicks

Turbo 350 with TCI Manual Valve Body
TCI 10" Super Street Fighter convertor

11.1650 @ 119.30
1.5028 60'

04-22-2010, 07:17:35 PM

70 1/2 RS
3000# N/A, 3200# N2O & ballast required to hook

~13.5-14 to 1
antique Brodix -2 heads, 2.30 & 1.90, custom built & ported by EPD with Jesel pro shaft system
Edelbrock pro race ram
dual 1050 HP dominators
roller ~.850 lift & 305 dur
NOS pro race fogger 250-275 shot

custom 2 1/4-2 3/8" headers

9" with 4.10 spool, 35 spline Mosers

10 pt moly cage, moly SFC,
Ladder bars
Strange electric dbl adj coil overs
Hoosier 29x10.5W

Coan glide, pro brake

Ran 5.00's N/A in the 1/8 testing in one of my other cars.
Hoping for 8.90's and low low 8's on N2O in the Camaro??


04-22-2010, 07:28:56 PM
Year weight
1970 Camaro RS
race weight: all iron SBC, fiberglass fenders and hood, 350lb driver

Dyno numbers
Engine Dyno numbers n/a

355 CI
9 to 1 compression
Stock Vortecs modded for .525 lift
eddy perf RPM
Holley 750 dp classic, milled choke horn
Comp XR270 hydraulic roller cam

Hooker 1-3/4 ceramic coated headers, 3in collectors
3" Dr Gas x-pipe
3" in 2.5" out spintech split case mufflers
2.5" side exit

Rear and weight movement
3.73 Auburn pro with 10 bolt superior axles
Fiberglass hood
Fiberglass fenders

Eibach pro front lowering springs
Stock Z-28 5-leaf rear springs
KYB gas shocks
Comp Engineering slapper bars
MT 28x10.5x15 softwall slicks

700r4 with TCI shiftkit
3000rpm TCI torque convertor

12.6 @ 106mph (1.8 60')

04-22-2010, 08:55:35 PM
Year weight
1978 Camaro
3580 race weight w/me

Dyno numbers
Engine Dyno numbers: Check back soon!

383 CI
10 to 1 compression
Scat forged crank, H-Beam rods and SRP pistons
AFR 195/60cc Eliminator heads
Performer RPM Air-Gap
Holley 770 Street Avenger
Comp Cams Roller cam .510/.520

Headman headers, Pypes exhaust

Rear and weight movement
10 bolt, 3.73 Eaton, Alloy USA axles.
Stock gas tank

Global West solid body bushings
Global West SFC's
Hotchkis sway bars
Tokico shocks
MOOG 1" drop coils
Hankook 255/45/18 in rear225/45/18 in front
American Racing Torqlite wheels

Turbo 400
Coan 3000 stall

None with this engine

04-22-2010, 11:18:48 PM
too much to type so im going with

stock :)

muscl car
04-22-2010, 11:31:17 PM
Year weight
1972 Camaro
stock weight ?? with glass hood and gutted interior and other parts/pieces removed maybe 200lbs lighter

Dyno numbers
425 FWHP

350 sbc based off of a 1970 LT1 and baldwin motion phase III Z/30 specs
11.1:1 comp
#186 cyl heads with pocket/bowl work and gasket matching
GM #140 gen 1 off-road mech flat tappet 257/269 @ .050 493/512 lift
holley strip dominator with massaged runners
mr gasket 2" open hole spacer
holley #4779 750dp mopar linkage and down leg boosters
mallory unilite with 38*total timing

Headman headers 1-7/8th in primaries 3 in collectors with pan evac set up
3" exh with X-pipe and delta force 2 chamber race muffs

Rear and weight movement
10 bolt axle 3.73 gears with eaton posi red 800lbs pre-load springs
batt in trunk


front :
moroso BBC trick front springs
koni 90/10 shocks
swaybar removed

landrum 220lbs mono leaf springs and solid aluminum bushings

Turbo 350 2600 stall standard valve body


no times yet

04-23-2010, 08:21:53 AM
78 camaro 496 Not fast enough!

04-23-2010, 09:15:12 AM
stock weight

Dyno numbers:
Never dyno'ed

355 CI
10.8 to 1 compression
Patriot Freedom 195cc heads 2.02/1.60 valves
mystery solid cam
Eddy rpm airgap, 1" spacer, Holley SA 670
TRW Flat tops
Scat crank
Eagle rods

Old school Blackjack 1 5/8 primary headers (Square collector flanges)

Rear and weight movement:
3.42 10 bolt

Front: Stock
Rear: Air Shocks

B&M Turbo 400

Never been on a track

04-23-2010, 10:49:03 AM
78 camaro 496 Not fast enough!

It's a street car, it's not supposed to be that fast.


04-23-2010, 12:03:06 PM
Year weight
1984 Camaro
3300 race weight

Dyno numbers

355 CI
Scat forged crank
Crower rods
Probe pistons
Dart pro 1 215's light clean up work
Pro comp single plane
1000 cfm throttle body/ 80lb injectors
Ruben cam (spec'd by me)
Pro magnum 1.6 rockers

1 5/8 custom headers, 2.5" cross over, s475, jgs racegates,
4" exhaust, vibrant muffler

Custom 9" built by me
Moser Nodular case, Daytona pinion support, Moser spool, Moser axles, Richmond 3.50's, custom tq arm mount

Spohn TQ arm
Spohn LCA's
Spohn LCARBs
Summit adjustable rear shocks
Drag bags
Hoosier 28x10.5x15
Wolfe anti roll bar

Shelton built t350 w/break
hughs 9" 4200 stall

Best et: 9.59
Best mph: 141.2

04-23-2010, 12:37:13 PM
Year weight
1967 Camaro
3500 race weight

Dyno numbers

Block: Dart Little“M” block 4.125bore, 350 mains
Crank: Scat 3.75 stroke 4340 forged crank
Rods: Scat 4340 6in. I beam with 7/16 cap screws
Pistons: SRP Forged -16 dish 10.2 comp w/64cc chambers
Rings: Speed Pro Moly
Bearings: Clevite H series
Oil pump: Melling Select 10% over stock
Oil pan: B&B drag race pan w/internal windage and scraper
Timing chain: Cloyes quick adjust
Balancer: TCI Sfi approved
Cam: Comp custon grind 3piece core 248/256 @.050 .662in .631ex 108Lsa
Lifters: Isky red zones w/captive link
Rev kit: Isky billet
Heads: AFR210 Eliminators race ready 100% CNC
Rockers: Jesel SS shaft rockers 1.6in 1.5ex
Push rods: Manley 4130 chrome moly 3/8 7.925
Intake: Super Victor
Carb: Prosystems 847cfm
Headers: Doug’s 1 ¾ D368
Fuel pump: Carter 172
1/2" fuel line from tank
Ignition: Mallory uni-lite, MSD 6al, MSD blasterII
Msd 2 step
Wires: Livewires

Doug's 1 3/4
2.5 flowmaster pipes
dynomax race ovals

Rear and weight movement
12 bolt 4.10's Eaton posi, Strange pro race axles, large timken bearing c-clip elim.
Lakewood 90/10
CE Slide a Links
Rancho 9000 9 ways
M/T streets 28 x 11.50

TKO 600 McLoed slik stik
12" CFDF
Billet CF flywheel
Lakewood scatter sheild


04-23-2010, 01:07:25 PM
Year weight
1980 Camaro
3550 race weight

Dyno numbers
Just Butt Dyno

406 CI
11.1 to 1 compression
Victor Jr. Heads and Intake
Race Demon 850 cfm carb
Comp Cams Solid roller .600 lift (don't remember complete specs)
Crower Lifters
6" Scat I-beams
Diamond forged flat tops
1.6 & 1.65 Harland roller rockers
Shitty fuel system (being upgraded)

Hooker Super Comp 1 3/4 primaries
3 1/2" exhaust with dynomax bullets

Rear end
9" with big bearing ends and brace
4.56 gears
33 spline bears pro axles
strange lightweight spool
big pinion
chromoly driveshaft

Front CE drag shocks currently 90/10
Moroso Trick Springs
Stock Monroe Shocks for rear
Stock Leafs
MT 28x12.5x15 ET Streets

TH350 with shift kit
Foot braked
4500 TCI Super Street Fighter

1.47 60'
10.71@128 mph on pump gas
hoping for 10.20's this year with a little tunning

04-23-2010, 03:26:10 PM
It's a street car, it's not supposed to be that fast.

:p :crazy: :D

04-23-2010, 04:05:27 PM
Year Weight
1970 Camaro
3550 Race Weight

Dyno Numbers

406 CI
11.46 to 1
Holley HP 750 DP
Crane Solid Roller 252/260@.050 .630 lift
Eagle ESP 6.0 H Beam Rods
Cat 4340 Forged Crank
SRP Flat Tops .003 in the hole
Ported Canfield 197 Heads 2.08/1.60
1.5 Scorpion Rockers

Hooker Super Comps 1/7/8 3.5 collectors

Rear End
Strange Bolt in 9 in
4.86 Motive Gear
35 Spline Axles and spool
Aluminum Driveshaft

TCI Street Fighter TH350
Tci Super Street Fighter 10 inch Converter
Modified Governor
Raced in Drive with 6200 Shift point

Stock Front Springs
Lakewood 90/10 Shocks
Eaton Stock Rear Springs
Calvert Rancho 9000 Shocks Set at 8
29x10 Hoosier Slicks

1.52 60 Ft
7.04@96 in 1/8th
11.18@118 on rev limiter in1/4

04-23-2010, 08:06:57 PM
Year Weight
1980 trans am
3775 Race Weight

Dyno Numbers
425/490 whp/tq

350 CI
8.1 to 1
weiand 142 blower 9psi 7"bottom pulley/2.66 upper
speed demon 725
comp cam .503/.510 224/230 @.50 112lsa
stock powdered rods
stock cast crank
dished pistons
afr (911) 180 heads 74cc
comp pro mag rockers
msd2 ignition, msd coil, accel wires

Hooker Super Comps 1 3/4 pri's
pypes 3" exhaust -dynomax mufflers

Rear End
10 bolt
richmond 3.73
30 spline moser axles
denny's driveshaft
eaton posi

tremec tko
mcleod 12" carbon clutch
heim joint linkage

90/10 front shocks
sc&c control arms
Stock Rear Springs
comp engineer tract bars
kyb rear shocks
mickey's et street radials 275/60/15

1.71 60 Ft

04-23-2010, 10:12:15 PM
Year weight
1971 Camaro
All GM steel/glass L88 hood

Dyno numbers
Not yet

355 4 bolt SBC .010 deck height
10.3 to 1 compression
TRW 2256 forged flat tops
Edelbrock RPM 64cc angle plug heads
Holley 300-36 intake
ProSystems built Holley 780DP HP Street carburator
Edelbrock RPM cam - .488"/.510" lift 234*/244* Dur 112 LSA
Harland Sharp 1.50 roller rockers
Pete Jackson Gear Drive
Stock cast crank
Stock rods polished and ARP bolts
Rotating assembly balanced
Melling oil pump
8" balancer
110 gph Holley mechanical pump
Accell electronic vacuum advance distributor
MSD 8.5MM plug wires
Autolite 3924 plugs
Energy Suspension Poly engine mounts

Hooker Super Comp 1-3/4" headers
Pypes 2-1/2" with X-Pipe, custom made Spintech Sportsman 3000 low profile mufflers, & full tailpipes

BGH 8.5 10 bolt with welded axle tubes & Timken bearings
Summit Aluminum support cover
Spring perch braces
3.73 Yukon gears
30 spline Yukon C-Clip axles
30 spline Eaton posi
3" Driveline Specialties driveshaft w/Spicer XL solid u-joints

Suspension & Chassis
Stock subframe & upper/lower control arms with rubber bushings
C/E Bolt-in & Welded SFC with Global West solid body bushings
C/E 4 point bolt-in roll bar
Edelbrock IAS Classic shocks
Front coil springs - Moog 5610 with 1/2 coil removed
Rear leaf springs - TracBite 5-1/2 leafs with reverse front spring eye
T/A WS6 1-1/4" front sway bar w/ poly bushings & PTFB sway bar brace
PTFB adjustable rear sway bar
PTFB adjustable pro g-braces

AutoGear Muncie M22W 4 speed
Mcleod 12" D/F Clutch & steel flywheel
Hurst Super Shifter III

Weekend Street! :D

04-24-2010, 09:00:43 AM
too much to type so im going with

stock :)

show off!!

04-24-2010, 01:14:56 PM
Here are the spec's on my motor.

*385 stroker (4.040 bore x 3.750 stroke) 2 bolt main block with ARP Main Bolts PT# 134-5001, block casting number 3970010 ('69 to '79 350 Chevy). Pistons are in the hole .008" to - .012" with slight piston rocking.
*Keith Black Forged FHR 19.6cc dished pistons PT# IC9945.
*Compression ratio's are SCR 9.1 and DCR 7.93 with 67cc combustion chamber head using a .038" thick head gasket. Compression ratio's come from Keith Blacks Compression Ratio Calculator.

*Total Seal Piston Rings PT# CR3690 040, Ring Package 1/16 top, 1/16 2nd and 3/16 Standard Tension Oil Rings.
*Scat 3.750" stroke Cast Pro Comp Stroker Lightweight Crankshaft PT# 9-350-3750-6000.
*Scat 6" Forged 4340 I-Beam Pro Stock Rods PT# 2-ICR6000.
*Assembly has been internally balanced.
*Melling Oil Pump PT# 10552 10% over stock volume output. Melling Oil Pan Pick-Up Tube PT# 12558. Moroso 5 Quart Oil Pan PT# 20170 with Moroso Rear Oil Pan Baffle PT# 23000. APR Oil Pump Stud PT# 230-7004. Fel-Pro 1pc. Oil Pan Gasket PT# 1880. Passenger side front oil galley plug drilled with a .0315" hole.
*Lunati Voodoo 262/268 Hydraulic Flat Tappet Cam, 219/227 dur. @.050", .468/.489 lift, 112LSA 1400-5800 RPM range in a 350 PT# 60102. My larger 385 cubic inch will drop the RPM range a few 100 RPM's.
*Lunati Hydraulic Flat Tappet Lifters PT# 71817PR
*Lunati Double Roller Timing Chain and Gear Set PT# 93099.
*ARP Cam Bolts PT#300-1001.
*Summit Push Rods, 5/16" x 7.900" long (.100" longer then stock) One-Piece .080" wall thickness PT# SUM-1457900.
*Clearances- Piston to Wall .004" ± .0002", Ring End Gaps per Total Seals recommendation- Top .022", 2nd .016", Oil Rail .025", Front to back crank shaft trust .007", main bearings .003" ± .0002", rod bearings .0025" ± .0002", rod side clearances .011" ± .001".

*Summit Vortec Heads, assembled PT# SUM-151124.
*Mr. Gasket Ultra-Seal Head Gaskets PT# 5800 (4.130" bore x .038" thick)
*ARP Head Bolts PT#134-3601.
*Comp Cams 1.5 self aligned roller tip rocker arms PT# 1417-16.
*Edelbrock's regular/non Air-Gap Vortec Performer RPM intake PT# 7116.
*Edelbrock 650 AVS Carb. PT# 1806
*Stock HEI distributor that is going to be updated.

*78 Camaro stock weight, I have no plans on trying to make it lighter.
*Going to run 235/60-15 front and 255/15-15 rear.
*Hedman 1 5/8" full length headers
*Flowmaster 2 1/2" full length dual exhaust system with Transverse Flow Muffler.
*TH350 transmission. Coan COA-20210 11" Pro Street Converter 2600 RPM stall.
*8.5" rear end with 3.42 gears with a Duragrip Posi Unit.
*Runs on 89 octane fuel. It'll probably run on 87 octane fuel. Try it next year (2011).

*Daily driver/mild street performance car. It's not going to be a "weekend Warrior", it's going to be driven quite a bit.
*The motor makes power off idle to 56/5800 RPM's. Hoping for 350 HP and 425/450 FT. LBS. of torque.
*RPM's 5800/6000 max.

04-24-2010, 10:49:24 PM
I'll Start and Hopefully we can sticky this.

Good idea Matt, lets keep it to proven set ups with time slips or dyno results, and it'll get done. :)

04-24-2010, 11:06:27 PM

Let's go big block guys. We're out numbered in here!!


Mike N
04-25-2010, 07:49:43 AM
1981 Camaro
3600 lbs with me in it.

.100" over 454- 477 cubes
13 to 1
Comp solid roller, .680" ish lift
Merlin 310 iron heads
Team G intake
Pro systems Dominator, square jetted at 90
Hei distributor
$10 wires, AC Delco plugs
2" Hedman headers into homemade 3 1/2" exhaust
4 Dynomax bullets, turnout in front of rear wheels
TH 400, manual vb, no brake, 4800 stall converter
4.10 geared 12 bolt, spool, c clip elims, strange axles

Backhalf, ladderbars, coilovers.
10 point mild steel cage
20+ year old TRW front springs and $9 Kmart shocks
13x31 M/T et street tires

All steel except hood
Real glass windows
Full interior, stock seats, console, carpet etc....
Horn, lights, wipers, radio all still there and all still work

10.30's @ 130 thru the mufflers on slicks, 1.45 60'
High 10.40's - low 10.50's thru the mufflers on et streets, 1.56 60'

04-25-2010, 09:31:42 AM
1978 Malibu
All GM steel/glass Harwood 2.5" cowl hood
About 3300 lbs. empty (guess)

Dyno numbers
390 HP (rear wheels)
420 TQ (rear wheels)

383 on factory 010 block (2 bolt mains)
Cast stroker crank (external balance)
Stock rods upgraded with ARP WaveLoc bolts, small end honed & drilled for full-floating pins
KB 383 Hyper pistons w/ 33cc dish
Speed Pro moly rings
AFR 190cc heads (older design), 74cc chambers
GMPP .028" composite head gaskets
8:1 compression
Summit house brank K1103 cam (214/224* @ .050, 112* LSA, installed on 111* ICL)
Summit house brand cheap-o hardened pushrods
Roller tipped stamped steel rockers (1.6 ratio)
Cloyes true roller chain set
Weiand 142 blower (larger 7" bottom pulley, stock 3.07" top, about 5 PSI boost)
QJet carb (800 CFM model, home-built)
Carter 5 PSI electric street pump patched into the stock lines and mounted near the tank as a "helper"
Carter 6 PSI mechanical block-mounted pump
Junkyard HEI upgraded with MSD coil and module
8* initial, 28* total @2800, 16* vacuum advance on top of that
Accel wires
Autolite 203 plugs (non-projected nose, .035" gap, large hex head)

Ancient Coyote 1-5/8" longtumbes w/2-1/2" collectors
Custom bent dual 2-1/2", 40 series Flowmasters, & turn-downs

Stock 7.5" w/ rare aluminum drums
2.73 gears
Auburn limited slip
Stock driveshaft

Suspension & Chassis
Pretty much stock, rubber bushings and all
Cop springs, cop shocks, cop sway bars front & rear
3rd gen Trans Am WS6 steering box and pump
Rally wheels with dog-dish hubcaps
15x7 front, 15x8 rear
235/60 front 255/60 rear (Dunlop street radials)

TH-350 (home built w/ shift kit)
Redneck 2700 stall blower converter (9.5")

Freak 12.67 @ 113, most times in the 12.9 @ 112 range
On street radials, no traction. Drive it in, run it, drive it home

04-25-2010, 11:17:28 AM
Year Weight
1980 Z28
3750 Race Weight

Dyno Numbers
984 hp 1300 tq all by 4000 rpm

496 CI
9.1 to 1
Holley HP 950 DP
Crane hyd Roller specs not here.not too big of duration .650 lift
Eagle 6.385 H Beam Rods
eagle 4340 Forged Crank 4.250 stroke
je Flat Tops
edelbrock performer oval port 290's
1.7 pro magnums
2 made in china t3 turbo's

custom headers and 3 inch front to rear.

Rear End
moser Bolt in 9 in
3.50 gears
31 Spline Axles with detroit locker
custom built steel Driveshaft

self built 4l80 with jakes parts
custom built 2600stall with balloon plates and hd lockup clutch
tci transmission controller shifted with b&m console fit megashifter.

Stock Front Springs
cheapo napa front shocks
new Stock replacement Rear Springs

not ran on track yet, don't want to cage this car too bad but has done 3 full power tours and going for 4th this year

04-25-2010, 11:33:55 AM
Year Weight
1975 firechicken
3450 Race Weight

Dyno Numbers
965 hp 1030 tq

615 CI
8 to 1
Holley 1150 dominator
comp cams mech Roller specs 255 and 262 @50 .652 lift
Crower Rods
Crower 4.625 stroke crank
je custom dish pistons
brodix bb2 extra cnc
1.7 crane rollers with stud girdle
cheater nitrous system with 150 hp jets.

had lemons headers 2 3/8 headers stepped to 2.5 inch into 5 inch collectors.

Rear End
stock 8.5
3.42 gm gears
stock posi
stock driveshaft

powerglide with ultrabell 1.80 gearset
neal chance bolt together pro mod converter
b&m pro stick

Stock Front Springs
comp engineering 90/10 front shocks
new Stock replacement Rear Springs
comp engineering 50/50 rear shocks
adjustable coil spring on right rear.
29x11.5 mickey slicks

9.54 with a 1.4 60

04-25-2010, 01:59:05 PM
Louich you forgot one spec for the firechicken so I'll add it
# 1 cyl 90% leak down :)

04-25-2010, 06:55:13 PM
Louich you forgot one spec for the firechicken so I'll add it
# 1 cyl 90% leak down :)
and number 7 had 70....but it is what it is...shoulda fixed those valves :)

04-25-2010, 07:59:18 PM
Year weight
1969 Pontiac GTO
3850 race weight

Dyno numbers

Block: 1966 Chevy 396 .030 over
Rods: GM Forged with 7/16 cap screws
Crank: GM Forged .010/.010 Polished
Pistons: TRW .030 Forged pop-up domes 11.75 CR
Rings: Speed Pro Moly
Bearings: Clevite 77 series
Oil pump: Melling Select hi pressure
Oil pan: 1966 Vette with GM Windage Tray
Timing chain: Cloyes True Roller
Balancer: GM
Cam: Comp Mech Flat Tapped 245/256 @.050 .500in .500ex
Lifters: Comp Mech
Rev kit: None
Heads: 1966 427
Rockers: GM 1.7
Push rods: Summitt
Intake: Offenhouser 360
Carb: Holley 3310 750- CFM
Headers: Doug’s 1 7/8"
Fuel pump: Carter Mech
Ignition: Mallory uni-lite
Wires: Blue Max

Doug's 1 7/8
2.5 flowmaster

Rear and weight movement
12 bolt 3.73's Eaton posi
80/20 Front Shocks, 50/50 Rear
11.0x15" Rear, 7.0x15 front

Muncie M22, 11" McLeod HD Clutch,
Lakewood Scattershield

7.69@91 in 1/8

04-28-2010, 11:45:22 PM
1972 Camaro SS
3420 Race weight

No Dyno #'s
Maybe 650

496 GM block
11-1 compression with SRP pistons
Edelbrock Victor CNC'd Ovals
Holley Strip Domonator w/ 1" spacer
Pro Systems XC 1000

Hooker Super Comps 2 1/8 primaries
3 1/2" bullets

350 Turbo
8" Coan 5000 converter

Rear End
12 bolt w/ 4.56 gears
Ladder bars and coil overs

Tell ya SOON! Hoping for 10.O's

04-29-2010, 02:12:42 PM
71 Camaro
3044 with Butterball Driver
All lights and signals work for cruising!

1976 454 2 bolt studed
.125 Wiesco pistons
Total seal rings
6.535 eagle rods
4.0 KLH crank
AtI Balancer
Crane .714 lift camshaft
Brodix bb2 plus with port work by Lloyd Elloit
2.25 int 1.88 ex valves
Isky springs
R&M stud guirdles
GZ motorsports vacume pump
Dart Intake
1 1435cfm Toilets by Ron's Fuel Injection
aerospace water pump

Lemons 2 1/4 headers
4in in 3.5 out 18 in long Dirt Track mufflers

B&M trans cooler
Turbo 400 w/brake
Hugues 5100 10in stall
B&M pro ratchet shifter

Ladder Bar back half
Dana 60
Moser spool 4.88 gears
Moser 35 spline axles

32x16 Goodyears on rear
25x4.5 Goodyears on front

Centerline pro stars

10pt cage and sheet metal built by Precision Racecraft
Summit guages
Vega gearbox
Vw radiator
Electric fan
Free wheelie bars
Harwood doors,hood,scoop,and deck lid
200.00 front end from Houston swapmeet
Wing built by Southside customs

Best ET
5.689 @ 121mph 1.2160ft on the bars bending the rear valance!

Soon to have a Gemini Quad 150 shot on race gas!

04-29-2010, 04:26:59 PM
Year weight
71, 3,000 w/me in it.

Dyno numbers

421 SB, 509 block, Cola crank, Eagle H-beams, Wiseco 10cc domes, OLD AFR 220's, Herbert solid roller, 267/275@.050 .675/.630 lift, 2970 Super Victor, SV1 1100cfm carb

Schoenfeld 1.875/3.5" headers, 3.5" Torque Tech X-pipe, 3.5" Spintech Pro Street mufflers

Rear and weight movement
9", Yukon aluminum center section, 4.00 gear, Moser 33 spline axles and spool, too much weight stuff to list

25.5 Chassis, Calvert Split Mono shock, Caltracs, Rancho shocks, Autofab A-arms, Afco coil-overs, Aerospace disks all around, 29.5x105W M/T's on a 12" M/T wheel, 165 radials up front.

Turbo 400 with a trans brake, Coan 8" 5,500 converter

Best times in sig.

04-30-2010, 05:24:01 PM
Wouldn't it be easier to get the vbulliten time slip database and use that??


04-30-2010, 07:47:47 PM
1970 Camaro L48 SS/RS
3640 lbs. w/ driver, 1/2 tank of gas

Dyno numbers:

Stock L48 block
- bored +0.030"
- align bored mains
- decked to 9.015"
- bores torque-plate honed
Stock L48 cast crank, 0.010/0.010
10:1 compression
- Speed-Pro (TRW) 4-relief forged pistons, #L2256F30
Stock GM forged rods
- big ends re-sized
- beams ground/polished
- ARP wave-loc rod bolts
- press-fit pins
Rotating assy dynamic balanced
Stock #041 Head Castings
- pocket ported/ flowbenched
- Manley Racemaster 1.94/1.50 valves
- Comp #981 springs
- Comp 1.52:1 Magnum rockers
- Pioneer retainers/locks
Comp Cams 270H
Edelbrock Performer RPM
Holley 600cfm model 4010 DP
Performance Distributors HEI

Hedman 1-5/8 headers, #68270
Flowmaster American Thunder Header-Back Kit #17104

Stock 12-bolt
- 3.73 US Gear
- Eaton posi
- Mark Williams 30-spline axles w/ Timken c-clip eliminators
- 1350 yoke
- Assembled by Precision Driveshaft, Inc., Kirkland, WA.

Weight movement:
(none) stock

Front, stock except:
- PST bushings throughout
- Moog stock-replacement parts throughout
- Monroe replacement shocks
- American Racing TTII, 17x7, 3-3/8 backspace
- BFG 245/45ZR17

Rear, stock except:
- VBP (Hyperco) Composite rear monoleaves, 200 lb./in.
- Monroe replacement shocks
- American Racing TTII, 17x8, 4-1/2" backspace
- BFG 275/40R17 Drag Radials

Precision Industries TH700R4
- fully-mechanical/hydraulic valve-body (no electronics/solenoids)
- 2-3 accumulator disabled
- HD apply servo
- Red Eagle clutches/Kolene steels
- HD band w/ carbon-fiber friction surface
Precision Industries Vigilante 3200rpm flash-stall converter, single-disc lockup

Precision Driveshaft, Kirkland WA. built steel 3"x0.083" driveshaft, dynamic balanced, 1350 U-joints/yokes

1.81 60'

04-30-2010, 10:25:09 PM
Wouldn't it be easier to get the vbulliten time slip database and use that??


That would be sweet!

05-17-2010, 07:58:49 PM
In the 1986 time frame...
1973 rally sport guessing 3500 w/driver
355 LT-1 w/ crower street roller
5.13 gears in a 12 bolt
8" ATI Converter
10.5 Firestones slicks.
I drove it on the street regularly, with no issues.
110 Drum fuel I kept in my parents shed.
Fogger Pro Shot @ 250 HP.
10.74 @ 128 open headers.

05-17-2010, 08:03:41 PM
I forgot to mention...
No roll bar and un-tubbed.
After that pass, the drivers door closed a bit different!!!
Then, I bought my Nova and stepped up to a better chassis.
My Camaro was too nice to cut up.

Rich Schmidt
06-03-2010, 11:01:25 PM
I have run many different engines in both my 3 Firebird and 73 Camaro and my other cars over the last 20 years.Here ae some combos.

1973 firebird,current combo
3475# with me in it,full stock chassis with slapper bars,10.0x29" Hoosier slicks.

427 2 bolt block with main studs,bored to 439 ubes and piston 015" out of the hole.
GM 6223 crank with oil holes chamfered ATI Superdamper
Manley 6.385" H beam rods
SRP 43CC dome pistons{true 11.2:1) with total seal gapless 1/8" rings
6 quart Hamburer pan and High volume pump.
40 year old GM flat tappet cam .560 lift intake and exhaust,262 @ .050 intake and exhaust,106 seperation and 104 intake centerline.Crane lifters,double roller chain
New GM L88 aluminum heads.2.19/1.88 race flow valves,bowl blended and gasket matched to a Fel Pro 1211 gasket.Installed on .052" thick Cometc MLS gaskets
Ported to mtch 454R intake,Nickerson prepped 1150 dominator.
MSD magnetic distributor,6AL box,blaster coil,MSD wires,Champ C61CX plugs,MSD 2 step,4000 low 8000 high.Timing locked at 38 degree
2" Hooker regular comp headers 3"X pipe and 2 chamber flomasters
Electric drive water pump,Arospace vacum pump reieved at 8" vacum
2 speed glide with brake 1.82 1st gear,5000 stall hard hit Coan convetor
12 bolt with 4.88 gears on motor and 4.56's for mild nitrous
400 hp X bar plate system tuned to 200 hp
8 gallon fuel cel with one fuel system for engine and nitrous.Magna flow 500GPH pump and filter#10 line to the front and Mallory 5 port regulator
10.49@127.8 on motor,1.46 60 foot
9.69 @139 on 200 shot screaming on the rev limiter in the lights.
Never dynoed,probably an honest 600hp@6700rm on motor.
I got about 700 runs on the last engine in this car with nothing but oil changes and a few sets of spark plugs{I did NOTHING to this engine}so I duplicated it using the same top end on a new short block.About 200 runs on this one with no issues.

Rich Schmidt
06-03-2010, 11:12:30 PM
Same car as above.3410# with me in it.
4.10 geared 10 bolt,10.5x30" slicks,
TH 350 trans and unknown 10" 3500 stall convertor.

355 4 bolt cast crank stock rod shortblock with LT1 pistons{true 10.6:1)
6 quart Hamburger pan and HV pump
Solid flat tappet cam By Reed cams.258 int 265 exh @.050 .518/538 lift,106 seperation,102 intake centerline.Stock replacement lifters and double chain
GM #461 camel hump heads,extensivly ported,2.05/1.60 valves.1.5: Sharp rockers
Ported to match Strip Dominator intake and well tuned 750 double pumper
1 78" Hooker Supe Comps 3.5" pipes and 3.5" race flowmasters.
Drop in Mallory magnetic disributor locked at 32 degrees,blaster 2 coil,R43T plugs
12.09@113 just hitting 3rd gear as it rolled over the stripes.Maybe it had a tenth or two more in it with 5.13 gears

In both these combos the car had no hood scoop.

Rich Schmidt
06-03-2010, 11:26:22 PM
1973 Camaro current combo
3480# with me in it.3.90 gears,stock suspention{not even traction bars)10.5x26" slicks
TH 350 trans with unknown 3500 stall convertor
408 small block 400 2 bolt .040 over,stock crank,stock 400 rods,hypertectic 9.75:1 ptons and moly rings.
Crane Powermax hydraulic flat tapet 278 Cam. 222/234 @ .050,.500.50 lift with 1.6:1 rockers,110 seperation.108 intake cterlneStock lifters and double roler chain.
461 Camel hump heads,mild porting matched to a regular Fel Pro gasket,bowl blended with 2.021.60" valves.
Port matched Torker 2 intake,1 inch spacer and 650 double pumper.
Stock HEI with MSD ires and R45T plugs
Cheapie 1 5/8" headers 2.5" Summit brand exhaus with cheap turbo mufflers

12.98@103 with a snorkle scoop on it.Soft 1.80 something 60 foot.
Since racing tI hae swpped ut the 3.90's for some 3.08s ,added a flat hood(actually a functional 80 Z/28 hood)and have a 2200 stall convertor to install.This engine was built to be a very mild daily driver that will cruise at 80MPH in comfort.I didnt build it to race,just had the hot rod parts laying around.Once this thing warms up,it idles bone stock.

I have a few more combos both big and small block that I ran in the firebird,but I am getting a little tired.

06-04-2010, 07:04:09 AM
Year weight
1971 Camaro
3717 race weight (me, helmet, 3/4 tank of gas)

Dyno numbers
- - - -

350 CI L82 -74
4 bolt block, forged crank, pinkrods, forged TRW flattop pistons.
10,2 to 1 compression. Clevite bearings. Filefit rings.

Dart IE Platinum heads 200cc runners, 64cc chambers, 2,02/1,6 valves,
CompCam (977-16) valvesprings. Crane gold 1,5 rockers.
Headgaskets FelPro 1094. (.015)

Vic JR intake, portmatched to FelPro 1205.
Holley Commander TBI.
Dynojet wideband.
Working cowlinduction.

CompCam Xtreme Energy XR280R mec roller (#12-771-8)
Duration: 242° Intake / 248° Exhaust.
Lift: .570'' Intake / .576'' Exhaust.
Lsa: 110°.

MSD 8361 distributor, AL-6 ign box.

Junk 1-5/8" headers 3" colectors.
X-pipe 2,5" mufflers.

Rear and weight movement
Stock 10 bolt 3,73 limited slip. Moser axles with 1/2" bolts.
CD charger in the trunk.

Front: Stock.
Rear: Poly bushings. Homemade slapperbars from the seventies.
MT ET street 26 x 10,5 x 15

Tremec TKO 600 (0,64).
Stock flywheel.
Hays street/strip clutch.

8,11 @ 89 mph (143 km/h). 12,72 @ 112 mph (180 km/h)

Best time on street tires 12,97 (Cooper Cobra 245/60x15")

06-18-2010, 10:06:47 AM
1980 Z28
3500lbs with driver

Never dynoed

355 sb
10.6 : 1 comp
trw forged flattops
ported vortec heads

Doug Herbert cc4c solid cam 249/259@.050
.500 lift 106 lsa
alum. full roller rockers

1 5/8 hedman headers 2.5'' ex.
vortec pp crosswind intake
AED 750 ho holly carb(awesome!)

MSD streetfire dist.
taylor wires

Stock 4 sreed trans
posi trac 3:73 rear gear
all poly bushings

summit A/F ratio meter
autometer supercomp monster tach with shiftlight
auto meter sc gauges
G-tech performance meter..

weld drag star wheels
nitto 275 drag radials

nothing to write home about, but it runs real strong.
7400 rpms all day
built to scare old ladies and small children..

06-27-2010, 02:49:18 PM
1973 Camaro, driven on 1,000 mile and 2 event road trips.

Weight, 3980 with me.
6pt bar w/swingouts
full stock interior, stereo,sub,amp
Home made 'glass L88 hood/nose

OEM Moog bushings in front, subframe and reas susp. poly bushings
Comp Eng drag shocks in front, KYB rear.
Stock coils and leaves.

M/T 28x9 slicks

9" housing, 3.89 gears, Strange Pro axles, Detroit Locker.
Shortened stock drive shaft, 1310 joints.
4L80 by Jake Manual v/b
Edge 9" 3600 stall converter w/lockup

.03+ 427 set back 1"
SRP pistons stock rods/forged crank
Brodix RRO heads, Perf RPM intake, 3310 proform mainbody carb
Holley HP 125 pump, 3/8, -8 lines.
CC 290HR .578", 232@.05
Crane pin oiled solid roller lifters, cold lash @ .004"

11.80 @ 112 on engine
11.3x @ 119 with 40n-44f jets.

07-18-2010, 06:33:37 AM
Year weight
71, 3,000 w/me in it.

Dyno numbers

421 SB, 509 block, Cola crank, Eagle H-beams, Wiseco 10cc domes, OLD AFR 220's, Herbert solid roller, 267/275@.050 .675/.630 lift, 2970 Super Victor, SV1 1100cfm carb

Schoenfeld 1.875/3.5" headers, 3.5" Torque Tech X-pipe, 3.5" Spintech Pro Street mufflers

Rear and weight movement
9", Yukon aluminum center section, 4.00 gear, Moser 33 spline axles and spool, too much weight stuff to list

25.5 Chassis, Calvert Split Mono shock, Caltracs, Rancho shocks, Autofab A-arms, Afco coil-overs, Aerospace disks all around, 29.5x105W M/T's on a 12" M/T wheel, 165 radials up front.

Turbo 400 with a trans brake, Coan 8" 5,500 converter

Best times in sig.

Sorry if its been awhile..but.... HOW DO YOU GET A 2ND GEN TO WEIGH 3000 EVEN? Thats an accomplishment.:D

07-18-2010, 07:03:54 AM
Year weight
1972 Pro/Street Z28
3450 Race Weight

Dyno numbers
Coming in Sept......

468 CI Big Block
WEIAND 8-71 Supercharger
8.5 to 1 - TRW Forged Blower Pistons
Eagle Forged Steel Crank & I-Beam Rods
GM 781 Heads - Highly Ported/Polished & Bowl Blended 2.19/1.88
Custom Grind Solid Roller Cam .720 Lift .308/.314 Duration
Holley 750 Double Pumpers (Boost Referenced)
Cloyes Double Roller Timing Set
Crane (Gold) Roller Rockers 1.7
MSD Pro-Billet, 7AL Box, Stage II Module
NOS "Supercharger" Nitrous Kit - (325HP Shot)
Afco Racing Aluminum Radiator - Dual 12" fans

Dynomax Headers, 2" Primaries/3.5" Collectors
3" pipe to 40 Series Flowmasters

Rear and weight movement
Narrowed & Braced Ford 9"
4.88 Strange Center Section
35 Spline Strange Axles
Wilwood 4W Disc Brakes

Art Morrison Rear Frame Rails
Art Morrison Ladder Bars & Link
Afco Racing Coilovers
Competition Engineering Wheelie Bars
Competition Engineering SFC's
12 Point Moly Roll Cage

'66 Aluminum Powerglide
Hughes 3800 Stall
TransGo Kit
Biondo Line Lock

Weld Draglites 15x15 & 15x3.5
Mickey Thompson ET Streets 32x17.50

Coming in Sept.......

07-18-2010, 10:28:01 AM
3044 with Butterball Driver
All lights and signals work for cruising!

1976 454 2 bolt studed
.125 Wiesco pistons
Total seal rings
6.535 eagle rods
4.0 KLH crank
AtI Balancer
Crane .714 lift camshaft
Brodix bb2 plus with port work by Lloyd Elloit
2.25 int 1.88 ex valves
Isky springs
R&M stud guirdles
GZ motorsports vacum pump
Dart Intake
1 1435cfm Toilets by Ron's Fuel Injection
aerospace water pump

Lemons 2 1/4 headers
4in in 3.5 out 18 in long Dirt Track mufflers

B&M trans cooler
Turbo 400 w/brake
Hugues 5100 10in stall
B&M pro ratchet shifter

Ladder Bar back half
Dana 60
Moser spool 4.88 gears
Moser 35 spline axles
QA1 Double Adjustable shocks

32x16 Goodyears on rear
25x4.5 Goodyears on front

Center line pro stars

10pt cage and sheet metal built by Precision Racecraft
Summit guages
Vega gearbox
Vw radiator
Electric fan
Free wheelie bars
Harwood doors,hood,scoop,and deck lid

Best ET
5.689 @ 121mph 1.2160ft.Never have time to tune it.It might run faster!Truckin takes up all my time.

07-18-2010, 10:57:04 PM
Year weight
1970 Camaro Z28 RS
Stock weight

Dyno numbers

355 CI
11.5 to 1 compression
TRW Pop Ups
Stock steel crank with windage tray
Sportsman II 72cc heads
Crane Fireball II 302H grind 480/480 cam
Crane roller tip rockers
GM LT-1 Intake
Holley 750DP
Moroso 8mm wires

Hooker 1-3/4 ceramic coated headers, 2.5in collectors
Flowmaster Force II 2.5" full exhaust

Rear End
Factory 12 bolt
Factory 4:10 gears

Stock Z28 Front suspension
Stock Z-28 5-leaf rear springs

Muncie M20
Factory Hurst Shifter

None, street driven

07-28-2010, 08:23:02 AM
Stock weight. All steel. with ac, alum heads, heavy bell housing, batt. trunk
383 SBC 9.8 comp. 240 @ 50 hyd. roller, headers, 750 vac. sec.,
Tremec 3550 5 speed manual 10 bolt with 3.73 posi
Comp Eng. slapper bars and street tires
New to track 9.45 in 1/8 mile 78 mph.

07-28-2010, 09:50:19 AM
Year weight
1978 street/strip Z28
full Weight

Dyno numbers
not avvailable est 570hp

489 CI Big Block
10.7:1 - Pistons
scat Forged Crank & H-Beam Rods
GM Heads -Ported/Polished 2.19/1.88
Custom Solid Roller Cam
Holley 1000cfm
Crane (Gold) Roller Rockers 1.7
MSD 6 digital
custom Radiator

Headers, 2 Primaries/3 Collectors
3 pipe to borlas


3.70 gear
4 wheel disk brakes
hydra boost custom made


koni adj shocks
gm 5 leaf
subframe connectors


tko 600 5sp


tq2 17*9.5 --16*8

New Project
540 force induction+4L80


08-05-2010, 03:55:35 AM
Year weight
1970 Camaro
3133 #

Dyno numbers
601.61 HP @ flywheel
556.48925 HP @ rw na

357 ci
Dart SHP Block
Bore 4.030
Stroke 3.50
Rod Length 6.00
Deck Height 9.00
Splayed 4 Bolt Main
Studded and Girdled
J E Pistons
.400 Dome 12.6 CR
4360 H Beam Rods
Moroso billet Oil Pump
Doug Herbert Solid Roller Cam
Duration: 310/322
Duration @ .050: 275/286
Lift: .652/.643
Lobe Center: 110°
Dart Heads Platinum Pro CNC Heads Full Port 23 deg.
·Manley Stainless Valves: 2.08 Int/2.02 Exh
· Dual Valve Springs: 1.550
(195 lbs @ 1.90 .690 max lift)
Competition Cams Pro Roller Rocker 1.56 Ratio
Crane Cams stud girdles
Meziere Electric Water pump
Holley Black Race Fuel Pumps
Edelbrock Victor Jr. Intake
Quick Fuel 1150

TCI Turbo 350 Manual Reverse Valvebody
4800 Stahl Converter

10 Bolt Eaton Locker GM 8.5
Moser Axles with C clip eliminators

Competition Engineering Ladder Link System
Moroso Front Drag Springs
Sub Frame Connectors


60' 1.36
330' 3.93
660' 6.47@ 111
1/4 10.09@ 135

10-07-2010, 01:02:18 AM
73 Camaro LT

Stock w/ Factory A/C (this is a mostly street car)

383 SBC
4 bolt main
9.5:1 compression ratio
Edelbrock Performer RPM cyl heads
Comp Cams roller rockers
Comp Cams roller camshaft #12-430-8
Valve lift .525
Duration 224
Lobe lift .352
Separation 110
Edelbrock 750 cfm carb
Edelbrock RPM Airgap Manifold
MSD Dist
MSD 6A ignition box
MSD Digital Multi-Retard
NOS Super Power Shot (100hp) With low fuel pressure shut off.

700R4 with B&M 3000stall lock up converter

Rear End
3.42 gear posi

1/4 mile

.115 reaction time
1.809 60 foot
7.649 1/8
11.91 1/4
118 mph

03-06-2011, 06:42:30 PM
1972 camaro
3600 lbs street car
400 ci smallblock
f2 procharger
15lbs boost
leaf springs and caltrac bars
29x10.5 hoosier quick time pro
1.45 60'
6.0 at 119 mph in the 1/8 th
9.30 at 151 mph in the 1/4
on 93 octane

07-06-2011, 06:14:34 PM
1972 camaro
3600 lbs street car
400 ci smallblock
f2 procharger
15lbs boost
leaf springs and caltrac bars
29x10.5 hoosier quick time pro
1.45 60'
6.0 at 119 mph in the 1/8 th
9.30 at 151 mph in the 1/4
on 93 octane

08-28-2011, 12:07:56 PM
Year weight
1974 Street driven Sport Coupe
3450 Race Weight w me in it

Dyno numbers
On engine stand when first built w Sportsman II heads, Weiand low rise and Roch carb 418HP@5200 and 485ftlbs @ 4100.
Its the exact same short block but the top end is much different today

406 SBC that I built and assembled
2 bolt block, partial fill, zero decked, deck plugs in the big holes
Hamburger oil pan w windage set up
Scat crank and long rods w Probe dished pistons for 10.2 : 1 ratio w 64cc heads
Isky Z=27 single pattern solid lifter grind w/1.6:1 Rockers for 247@.050 and 541" lift
AFR E heads 195cc intakes
Weiand Team G single plane topped w750 HP style Proform double pumper
50cc front pump for off idle launches
electric water pump and electric fan
All sealed to a 4"cowl for cold outside air

Hedman Hedders
2.5" stock w okay mufflers and cut outs for open hedder runs
Rear and weight movement10 bolt tubes welded to body, 4.10 gears w Eaton Posi and Superior axles
weight distribution 52% Fr 48% Rr just pulls the wheels on good hooks

Poly body mounts and spring bushings, Comp Eng frame conectors
70/30 Rr 90/10 Fr
Home made Caltracs bars
Battery and Fuel cell in trunk
Turbo 350 w shift kit and BM 3000 Stall
Large tranny cooler in front of rad
Centerlines 15" w 5" wide Volkswagen Radials on front
MT Drag Radials 15" x 28"T x 10.5"W for traction
I launch off idle IE 900rpm and get 1.6x 60 foots
I can actually report data on two different heads on the same engine

w/Sportsman II Heads
11.83 113.52 open hedders in 3700 ft air
12.04 110.01 thru mufflers in 4000 ft air

w/AFR E 195 Heads
11.67 114.92 open hedders in 4400 ft air
11.87 114 67 thru mufflers in 4200 ft air

10-01-2011, 04:36:45 AM
Year weight
1971 Camaro
2950 race weight

Dyno numbers
530 @ 7000
331 CI
GM forged crank
H beam rods
13:1 TRW pistons
RHS pro action 220 CNC`d
weiand Hi-ram 2 660 s/s`moded to the max.(775 ea)
Isky solid roller 640/656 260/260 @.050 114lsa
comp hightech Stanless 1.6 rockers
c10 race gas
casler 1 7/8 primaries, 3.5coll open

8 point bar
RCI seats RCI belts
70 camaro 12blot richmond 4.56 moroso brute strenth carrier
Strange Axles high tuff
stock 6cyl koni sp1 adjustable drag shocks
caltracks and multy leafs for now but split leaf`s and sliders comming
koni sp1 rear drag shocks
mickey thompson 30x10.5wx15

top loader w/liberty pro shifted internals
drag pack gear ratios

no time yet

10-13-2011, 11:30:53 PM
year weight
1980 camaro

dyno 583 rwhp.@4600 rpms.630 ft lbs torque@2800 rpms.

engine 436 sbc
custom made meahl pistons,forged
custom made comps cams,solid roller.308/318
600/618 lift.
eagle light weight forged crank
manley rorged rods,6 inches
comp cams springs
scorpion roller rockers 1.6
rhs racing heads,220 cc 1.94 ex.
team g intake with holley 750hp carb

10-16-2011, 04:28:55 PM
1979 camaro sport
car weight 3100
motor 406, dart iron eagle heads, holley strip dominator and 750 carb,
trans turbo 350 with trans pak and 3000 stall
rear stock posi and 3.43 mt et street 255/50/15
fiberglass pro front end and harwood 4 inch bolt on hood
home mad cal tracs and reworked springs
stock rockers lol didnt put rollers on yet

best time 11.53 at 117

12-13-2011, 12:55:32 PM

New motor going together this winter.

A Steve Schmidt nhra Pro-Stock 499" being stroked out to 582".
Custom sheetmetal intake with 2, 400 HP Monte Smith foggers, and dual Holley 1150's.
Custom Monte Smith cam, secret grind, in the .900 lift area??
Jesel Professional series shaft system
Howards Professional Series crank
Custom Carrillo billet rods
Custom JE coated pistons
5 stage Weaver Brothers oil pump.
Custom reverse flow cooling system.

Coan Big Dog glide
TCI 10" converter

Mark Williams rear
4.57 gear and Mark Williams spool
Gun drilled 40 spline Mark Williams axles

Chassis is a fully legal Pro-Mod for 5 seconds or slower and has just about every mod and upgrade available.
Data recorder, fire system, dual chutes, carbon fiber this, digital that.

Expected ET is 6.80's at 203 mph I hope give or take??
As always, with a little luck and a lot of money??


02-02-2012, 01:00:14 PM
Year weight
1972 Camaro
3750 (car needs a diet)

Dyno numbers
none yet soon to come

396 LT4 Stroker
-LT1 block, bored .030 over with 3.875 stroke, splayed 4-bolt mains
-Melling High Volume oil pump
-Callies Racemaster Forged Crank
-Ross forged domed pistons, with forged I-beam rods, 11.2:1 compression
-Comp Cams custom grind, .254 .268 @ .050 and .622 .638 112 LSA
-AFR 227cc LT4 heads, 76cc chambers, fully port and polished
-LT4 port matched intake
-AS&M Monoblade throttle body
-42lbs injectors
-Jesel Comp Series rocker system, with Tie-bar lifters, and complimenting pushrods
-Mezeire electric water pump
-MSD 6AL ignition box, blaster coil, and MSD wires

Dynatech headers,1 3/4 to 1 7/8 step 3.5 collector, car chemistry inserts, 3" pypes exhaust to Pypes M-80 mufflers.

Rear and weight movement
-Moser 9 inch rear for a 96 firebird
-33 spline axles
-3.75 gear ratio -Detroit Tru trac posi
-Strange aluminum casing
-Custom Aluminum 3.5" driveshaft w/1350 spicer joints

Front: Stock for a moment
Rear: QA1 adjustable coilovers, custom fabbed torque arm, umi adjustable panhard bar.

T56 w/ gearbox upgrade kit to 650hp
SLP short throw shifter
Spec stage 3 clutch

times to come

02-03-2012, 08:00:24 AM
Year weight
1975 Camaro
3750 race weight

Dyno numbers
400hp/427 tq @ flywheel

350 CI 4 bolts main
9.3 : 1
Hypereutectic, Flat Top pistons 0.030
pro comp 210cc intake runner - 64cc Heads (2.02" / 1.6" )
Edelbrock Performer RPM Intake Manifold
Holley 650 CFM Carburetor 4777c w/ 1" spacer
Comp cam XE268H with tappet and Timing chain
COMP Cams Magnum Steel Roller Tip Rocker Arms 1.52 Ratio
pro comp chromoly pushrods
M55HV Oil pump
holley Mechanical fule pump
MSD 6AL box
MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Set
MSD Pro-Billet HEI Distributor
Denso Iridium spark plugs
Aluminum radiator with 2 fan

Shotgun Scoop:happy:

OBX racing headers 1 3/4"-1 7/8" primary tube, 3 1/2" collector
X pype exuast system with Flowtech Red Hots Mufflers

Rear and weight movement
10 bolt, 3.73 motive, Limited Slip
Stock gas tank
American Racing Silver Outlaw II 8" F:215-60-15 , R:295-50-15

Front: Stock but it will be changed
Rear: Air Shocks with 1"sway bar

TH350 with B&M master race kit and trans pack.
2400 holeshot torque convertor
B&M console mega shifter

Tell you SOON;)

03-07-2012, 09:00:12 PM
68 Camaro
Engine. 406
cam .comp ex solid.252-260, 578-595
heads. protopline 220cc home ported
intake. eddy suoer vic
block.stock 2 bolt
crank. cast eagle
rods.stock 5.7s
exhaust. hooker supers 1 3/4 w super turbo muffs, turndown at axle
pistons. KB hypos

trans. Th350, steel drum, hardened races, TC super street fighter.

rear. 8.5 10 bolt, factory trac lock, 4.10s

suspension. SSM bars, summit drag 90/10s, 50/50s

best ET. 7.26 at 97, 11.306 at 120.62 pump 93 on drag radials. Never even pop the hood at the track. Could run better with tuning! Drive it to the track, run it and drive it home. 85 mile round trip. Old school, on the cheap.

03-25-2012, 01:21:36 PM

Changed my plans.

New engine is now a blown alcohol combination.
ProCharger F3R, with fuel injection, and lots of boost.
No more bottles and screwing around with all the heating issues.

The gear is now going to be a 3.70 to make up for the bigger low end torque.

Same trans, but now I'll need a 10 1/2" converter, also for the massive torque.

Expected ET's 6.75-6.80 @ 209-210 mph range with the 1/4 mile tune up and 4.20's @ 170 mph with the 1/8 mile.
I'll just be happy to get the car back in the 6's @ 200 mph again.
I'll be extremely ecstatic to get a 0.99 60', which the car has never done before.


09-30-2012, 08:02:23 PM
Year: 1973 Camaro rat rod
Weight: 3575 (truck scale) :crazy:

Dyno numbers:
Engine Dyno: 451hp/488tq(crank)

350 CI
11.3:1 CR
Ported/Polished/Milled/Pocketed LT1 stockers 2.02/1.60 1.6:1
Weiand Team-G 3" raised plenum(5" raised over stock)
Holley 750 DP MS
Solid Roller Dema Elgin .499/.502 298/301 adv. dur. "3/4 cam" ;)

Homemade Headers 1.8" primaries 3.25" collectors
Magnablow Turndowns

3.73 Detroit Locker, Ultimate 10 braced housing
Battery behind passenger wheel well in trunk
Fuel cell in stock tank location with homemade straps

Stock front with extended coils
Gabriel Nitro Drag front shocks
Gabriel Nitro Drag rear shocks
4-pack Z28 springs with extra 2nd leaf added on driver's side(2 extra 2nd leafs added on passenger side)
M/T Trac Bars
Rear: M/T 25x12.5-15 Drag Radial on Weld 15x10
Front: M/T 25x4-15 Front on Weld 15x4

TH350 with steel internals

10-19-2012, 07:22:16 PM
Year weight
1977 Camaro
No idea. Glass hood, no rear seats, Carbon fiber front seats.

Dyno numbers
No idea but Steve Morris got 1891hp out twin F1C Prochargers on a mild drag week combo.

Twin F1C Prochargers
Supercharger Store gear drive
Power steering
Dart 406ci Callies Magnum crank, 4.155 bore, Je blower pistons
8.1:1 CR
AFR 235 heads, 80cc chambers, 2,.125/1,6 valves,
Jesel Shaft rockers, CompCams EndureX lifters,
Areomotive Eliminator fuel pump

Super Vic intake,
Carb Shop prepped Holley 4150 with 4 inlet Billet Dual needle bowls..

CompCams solid roller 7.15 lift with 1.65 rockers.

MSD Pro distributor, 7531 Ignition box with HCV II

AMS1000 boost controller with twin Tial V60 wastgates

AIS Meth injection pre and post blowers.

Hooker Super comp 1-7/8" headers 3 1/2 collectors.
X-pipe, 3" via Flowmasters out the back and over the axle
and QTP cut outs in the middle.

Rear and weight movement
Stock 12 bolt 2.73 Posi.
Meth tank and battery in the trunk.

Front: Hotchkis springs and sway bar,Global West lower and SPPC uppers. Strange adjustable shocks.
Rear: Hotchkis springs and swaybar, Caltracs. Strange adjustable shocks.
MT 315x35x17 Drag Radials
Baer Track Plus 1 brakes front and rear.

Stock Turbo 350 (the reason I can't race or put my foot down yet).
ATI SFI flywheel.

Times:As above. when I get a capable TH400 I'll race it. For now I just like to cause riots when I take it out on quiet narrow British roads.
Procharged cars are loud. Twin Procharged cars are louder!

01-29-2013, 01:24:53 AM
74 Camaro LT

3600 lb with 150lb driver

383 SBC
11.5:1 compression ratio
Ported Canfield 195cc heads
Solid roller lifters
Custom Ground solid roller camshaft
Valve lift .581/.597
Duration 248/256
Lobe Center 108
Overlap 36
Holley 750 carb with proform main body
Edelbrock RPM Airgap Manifold
MSD Dist locked at 33*
MSD Blaster II Coil
Holley Blue fuel pump and regulator

th-350 with 2800stall

Rear End
3.73 gear posi

Have not taken to the track yet

04-24-2013, 12:07:38 AM
1978 Camaro Z28

Weight:Stock with a glass Outlaw 4" Hood

Dyno numbers: 371 HP / 411 TQ at the wheels - @ 452 HP / 495 TQ at crank. (before head swap)

Engine: 383 stroker, Eagle Crank, Speed Pro Pistons, ProMaxx 190cc runner-64cc chamber aluminum heads, 560 lift - 286 dur Roller Cam, Edelbrock RPM Air Gap Intake, QF750 DP no choke carb, 1/2" Phenolic carb spacer, Scorpion 1.5 Ratio Roller Rockers, MSD Pro Billet Dist, MSD Blaster SS Coil, MSD Street Fire controller.

Exhaust: Full length small tube headers, 3 inch dual exhaust with twin flowmaster 40's (soon to be Magnaflows)

Rear: 4.11 posi

Front: 2inch drop spindles, stiffer springs
Rear: shackles set to 1st notch, Stiffer Leafs with urethane bushings.

Wheels and Tires: AR 17" wheels with 245/45 front and 255/50 Nitto NT555's out back.

Transmission:Tremec 5spd, Hurst Shifter with Que Ball knob.

Times: T.B.D.

09-14-2013, 10:05:55 AM
Year weight
1970 RS
Stock Weight

Dyno numbers
RWHP 222hp/269tq
Crank 317hp/384tq figured using rwhp and 30% drivetrain

350 CI
~9.5 to 1 compression
Fuelie 186 66cc heads with mild porting, small valves with 3 angle grind
Edelbrock Perfomer RPM intake
Edelbrock 1405 carb
270h cam with 112 LSA

Longtube 1-5/8" primaries to 3" collectors, 2.5" dual exhaust with H-pipe and dual mufflers

Rear and weight movement
2.73:1 stock rear end
Battery and fuel tank location untouched

Front Stock with rear 77 ZS28air shocks


Takes 17 seconds to go from 40-131mph on the dyno in third gear :eek: lol

10-05-2013, 02:37:31 AM
400 we ran a while back, here is a quote where I posted the specs

We ran a 1980 Camaro with a 406 small block however there were some fiberglass panels for weight savings. The cars race weight was 2850 (2860 on the scale). It ran 10.13 to 10.22 at 131mph to 133mph and went 6.40's to 6.50's in the 1/8 at 104mph to 106mph

Engine Spec's.............
- GM block bored, decked and filled with Hardblok to the bottom of the water pump holes, with additional race prep by us
- GM nodular iron crank
- Scat I Beam Pro Comp rods
- Flat Top pistons, 1/16" ring pack 12:1 measured compression
- GM heads, no intake runner porting, no chamber porting, 2.02"/1.6" valves installed, bowl ported, cut for 1.46" dual springs
- Crane "Saturday Night Special" solid flat tappet 292/300 @.020" 256/264 @.050" 164/172 @.200" .545"/.563" lift 105° lobe center installed at 102°
- Box stock 2975 Victor Jr
- 1000 BG Demon modified by us

Powerglide with brake and 5200rpm stall

12 bolt rear with 32 x 14 Mickey Thompson ET Drag's with 4.88 gears

Would be a fun Pro Street combo, running on 100LL Aviation Fuel. We shifted at 6000rpm and ran past the lights 6500rpm to 6800rpm

10-05-2013, 02:59:11 AM
Year weight
1970 Chevelle with bucket seats & factory staple shifter
4080 race weight with exhaust, interior and 375 pound driver (Pops)

Dyno numbers

Dart 215 Iron Eagle Heads
Single Plane Dart
Custom Barry Grant built by us
Solid Roller Cam's (Cam 1 street, Cam 2 race)

Cam #1
292/300 @.020" tappet lift
260/268 @.050" tappet lift
180/187 @.200" tappet lift
.630"/.630" lift
110° lobe center

Cam #2
307/313 @.020" tappet lift
278/284 @.050" tappet lift
198/204 @.200" tappet lift
.678"/.678" lift
106° lobe center

Hooker 1 3/4" Super Comp's
Open exhaust with Cam #2
Hooker Aero Chambers with tail pumps out the bumper with Cam #1

Rear and weight movement
12 Bolt with Spool, C Clip Eliminator's & 5.38 gears

Stock, lower lift bars and Moroso springs on all 4 corners

Turbo 400 with a JW Performance transbrake
4200 RPM stall with Cam #1
6100 RPM stall with Cam #2

With Cam #1 and open exhaust 12.18 @111 mph

With Cam #1 and exhaust out the back 12.327 @108.xx mph

With Cam #2 and 6100 RPM stall 10.94 @124.96 mph however only good pass it hooked on, a few passes 11's with no hook

The suspension has now been set up and has this engine,,,
- 327 Small Block .060" over, fully modified block and filled with Hardblok
- Bryant 4340 Billet 40 pound crank, knife edged with small rod journals
- GRP aluminum rods
- Ross custom pistons, cut for .031" ring pack with 1/16" second and ultra low oil ring tension
- Custom ported iron heads with Ferrea hollow stem valves and NexTek springs with titanium retainers
- Crane shaft rockers with 1.65" BBC pivot length, high ratios
- 7/16" pushrod's
- Solid Roller Camshaft ~ .800"+ lift
- Jesel Belt Drive
- Tunnel Ram with two carburetor's but also have fully ported single plane to match heads with Pro Systems XE1100 Domintor
- Vacuum Pump

fuzzy dice
10-07-2013, 11:46:22 PM
Year weight
1981 Camaro
3750 # with me in it
Small tire..28x10.5x15

Dyno numbers
None yet

BBC 454 bored 40 to 465..one month old
Forged top and bottom..full roller motor
305 Aluminum heads
.714 lift Comp Cam
Studded and Girdled

FTI Glide with brake and 1.80 straight cuts
FTI 8" billet converter..5000 stall
Quarter Stick w/ Shifnoid

12 bolt with full spool and 4:30 gears
Moser 33 spline Axles with C clip eliminators

Stock leafs..3-way shocks..Southside Machine Bars
Moroso Trick Springs
Sub Frame Connectors

So far in 3500 DA
60' 1.50
330' 4.50
660' 7.04 @ 95.6
Not enough tire and too much gear to run the 1/4

12-24-2013, 02:51:05 PM
Year weight
1978 3659
Dyno numbers
None yet

396 sbc. Not in sheet. Heads cnc'd to 206 cc intake runner smallest was 198 biggest 201, pretty good. Bob weight lighter than stock 350.
http://i1309.photobucket.com/albums/s640/flextrainer/image_zps1d5c09fc.jpg (http://s1309.photobucket.com/user/flextrainer/media/image_zps1d5c09fc.jpg.html)

1-5/8 into 2-1/2" with x Dynomaxes.
350 th. stock drum. Better sprag, clutches, steels. Extra pack, apply piston milled. Reprogrammed valve body and separator plate. Instant shifts. We'll call it a 2200 stall.

30 spline eaton, moser axles, 3.42 Richmond r&p.

Bone stock,except sfc & body bushings, including worn out bushings, dealer installed air shocks.

Best et 7.59 1/8
Best mph 97 1/8 all on 265/50-15 400+ tread wear street tires.
Best 60' 1.77 same tires.

Work coming over next two months.
New front and rear suspension. Ptfb gt front/comp rear springs, adjustable shocks. Spherical bushings in front leafs. Slicks. Custom 9" converter around 3800 flash. Exhaust cut outs. Single plane intake, will know which tomorrow as I gave three choices to wife. Electric water pump and fan. About 100-150 pounds to be removed. Chassis bushings. New times coming in March.

09-19-2014, 10:22:06 AM
Year weight
1974 Camaro
3400 weight

Dyno numbers

Est. Engine Dyno numbers 650/600 FWHP
(David Vizard duplicated design)

489 CI
Studded 4 Bolt gen 4 Block
Weisco Pro Tru Pistons 10.2 to 1 compression
Eagle 4340 Crank
Scat 4340 I Beams w/ ARP 2000 7/16" bolts
Zamora Racing Heads Ported and Polished ProComp 300 CC Oval Port heads 2.25/1.88 valves
Professional Products Ported and Polished Air Gap Style Intake
Comp Cams Xtreme XR280R Solid Roller cam, Push Rods, Springs, and Stud Gridle
Crower Roller Lifters
Quick Flow 750 cfm w/ mechanical secondary’s (street carb), AED 950 w/ mechanical secondary’s (strip carb), and tuned HEI distributor.


Headman headers 2" pri 3" collectors......Pypes Complete

3:73 with 10 bolt Eaton Carrier

Rear; Heidt’s 4 Link suspension w/adjustable Coil over Shocks, Heidt’s sub-frame connectors & 4 Point Roll Bar. Front; Moroso Trick Springs & Competition Engineering, various new bushings.

Trans Depot “Destroyer” 700R4 rated for 700 HP, Precision Industries Vigilante 2800-3000 single disk converter, & cooler.




10-25-2014, 12:07:06 PM
I guess it is about time I put my combo on here, I guess I never did in the past!

1980 Camaro
3250 race weight

Dyno numbers
669hp - 581ft/lbs on the engine dyno N/A

Block: Dart Little“M” block with billet caps 4.125bore, 350 mains
Crank: Eagle 3.75 stroke 4340 forged crank
Rods: Eagle 4340 6in. H-Beam with ARP2000 bolts
Pistons: JE Nitrous Series 3cc small dome - 12.5:1cr
Rings: Total Seal Rings with Hell-Fire top ring
Bearings: Clevite H series
Oil pump: Melling High flow
Oil pan: Milodon Stroker Pan
Timing chain: CompCams Billet with trust washer
Balancer: ATI 7" steel
Cam: Dave Crower custom nitrous cam 0.688/0.648 - 298/308adv - 264/274@0.050 with 112lsa - CompCams 999 sptings and Crower 0.085" higher retainers
Lifters: Crower Solid Roller with HIPPO oiling
Heads: Dart Pro1 215cc ported by Mike Stark @ CFM - 320cfm@0.700
Rockers: Yella Terra Platinum twin-shaft rockers 1.6in 1.5ex
Push rods: Manton 3/8" 0.120" wall
Intake: Dart single plane ported by Mike Stark@CFM
Carb: AED 950cfm HOM
Headers: Hooker Super Comp 1 7/8" - 3 1/2"
Fuel pump: Holley Dominator 350gph with stock tank and rear sump
Ignition: MSD 7535 box with HVC coil and Taylor 10.8mm wires

Edelbrock Performer RPM II system flowed by Steve Jonhson at Induction Solutions
Running a 275hp nitrous shot (93 nitrous jet)

Hooker Super Comp 1 7/8" - 3 1/2"
3.5" x-pipe from Torque tech
Shoenfeld 3.5" bullet mufflers

Rear and weight movement
Moser M9 9" with Strange Aluminum center section with 33-spline axles and 3.70 gears
Front: Smith Racecraft control arms with Moroso springs ans AFCO DA re-valved by Jason@AFCO
Rear: Calvert Split-mono with Caltracks and Rancho 9-ways

Wheels and Tires
Front: Champion Speed Series 15x3.5 with Hoosier Front runners 27" tall
Rear: Champion Speed Series 15x10 with 5.5bs with M/T 275PRO

TH-400 with TCI 2.10 gear set and Red Alto clutches
Trans-Specialties Trans-Brake valve body
Trans-Specialties 9.5" 900XHD Converter

1.266 - 60ft
5.70@122mph - 1/8 mile
8.94@151.8mph - 1/4 mile

02-09-2015, 09:45:53 PM
1978 Camaro
weight ?

Engine 454 LS7

13 to 1 compression
decked block
all forged lower end
7qt pan
fluid damp
Comp Solid flat tappet ZL1/LS7 camshaft
Solid lifters with oil holes
Comp 930 springs
990 heads milled stock
Crane gold rockers
Victor jr intake
Quick fuel 950 e-85 carb
Hooker super comps 21/4 3.5"


Msd 6al msd dizzy& coil

400 turbo upgraded sprag 4200 stall freakshow convertor,large stack plate cooler

Rearend upgraded axles 10 bolt 373,perfect launch cover,forged input

yoke,arp carrier studs,1350 ujoints 3" driveshaft

10point cage/full interior,ps/pb electric pump.

Fuel system all braided quick fuel 175 pump,12 gal fuel cell/trunk mount battery

no times yet

05-29-2015, 10:12:39 AM
1985 Z28
377 604 HP
Turbo 350
4.56 7.5
10.03 @ 131 @ 2700 DA NA

06-04-2015, 08:14:40 AM
Year weight
1972 Camaro Sport Coupe
3775 curb weight with options

Dyno numbers
No dyno

1974 Chevy C20 350 4 bolt main block bored .040 = 385 CI
10.49 : 1 compression
1970 GM 186 heads with 2.02 / 1.60 valves port matched to intake manifold
Weiand X-Celerator Intake Manifold port matched to heads
750 Holley DP
Edelbrock Performer RPM cam

Headers and Flowmaster 2 1/2in exhaust

Rebuilt 3.73 GM 10 bolt
Lakewood traction bars


BF Goodrich P245/60R15 Radial T/A's

Rebuilt Turbo 350 with TCI kit, 2000 RPM TCI stall convertor


02-09-2016, 09:24:43 AM
1980 Pro street Camaro with 540 BBC

874 Hp

Lunati Light weight crank with JE 11.2 forged pistols

Ported GM 410R aluminum race heads.
Not sharing cam spec. SORRY!!!

Edelbrock tunnel ram intake with 750 Quick Fuel carbs.

Holley roll control.

Coan 400 Trana with 4000 stall.

Fab 9 rear end with Coni coil over adjustable shocks.

4.30 gears,

Full chrome molly chassis and roll cage

Mickey Thompson 18.5 x 31 tires.

Not raced yet!!! But ready!

02-10-2016, 01:45:06 PM
Year weight
1977 Camaro

Dyno numbers
Engine Dyno numbers 485/500
RWHP 550

Blue Print engines SBC 396
Blue print heads 195cc intake 64cc camber
Cam comp cam 230 510/520 lift roller
1.5 rocker
edelbrock air gap intake
holley 670 street avenger carb
zex dry plate kit 150 shot
MSD al6 ignition

Hooker long tube header
flow master 40 duels with H pipe

Rear and weight movement
373 gear
Easton built locking diff
10 blot

Rear coil overs
sub frame connectors
ladder bars

B&M stage 3 turbo 350
3500 Stall
295/55/15 MT et street radials

10.43 on bottle
12.41 motor, with timing still pulled for no2

04-30-2016, 03:43:22 PM
Year weight
1980 Camaro
3100 race weight

Dyno numbers
Engine Dyno numbers 628hp @ 6,000/593 torque @ 4,600

434 CI
11:1 compression, using 100 UL pump gas or E85
Brodix Aluminum heads
Brodix single plane intake
850 Holley
Comp Cams solid roller 266/272 @ .050, gross lift .688/.673 lobe separation 108

Headman Headers 1 7/8" primaries 3 1/2" collectors
3" bullet mufflers

Rear and weight movement
4:11 spool with 10 bolt moser axles and c clip elim
Dual batteries in trunk
Fuel cell in trunk

Smith Racecraft chromoly A-arms
MOOG 6 cylinder springs
QA1 stocker star, single adjustable
6 point Bar
Smith Racecraft assassin bars
QA1 stocker star double adjustable
Smith Racecraft split monos
Hoosier 30x9x15 radial slicks (20 psi cold)

Powerglide 1.76 1st gear
8" TCI 5,800 stall convertor

Best Time
9.92 @ 136 detuned at 3,000' + above sea level. Car is only legal to be run at 10.00 & slower.


04-30-2016, 06:52:47 PM
Year weight
1972 Camaro
Stock weight

Dyno numbers
375 rwhp
438 rwtq

454 30 over
702 heads with flat top pistons
Comp 236/242 521/540 110lsa
Single plane edelbrock

Hedmans 2" pri 3.5 collector
Pypes 3" with violators

Rear and weight movement
342 gear
10 blot

275/60/15 DR

keisler rs500 5 speed

no track time

04-30-2016, 10:47:54 PM
Year weight
1975 Camaro
3300ish lbs.

468 BBC
12.6:1 compression
Wiseco slugs, H-beams, Bowtie crank
Ultradyne custom ground solid roller
Brodix BB2-Xtra heads 2.300/1.88 (gasket matched and bowls blended)
Brodix HV1000 intake
1150 HP Dominator
Nitrous: Pro Race fogger and Big Shot plate (with separate fuel system)

Custom built 2-1/4" primary 4" collector
Dynomax 4" bullet mufflers

Rear and weight movement
4.11 gear
Ford 9" (Strange center section, Richmond gears and Detroit locker)

Front: Moroso springs and drag shocks
Middle: 14pt cage
Back: Ladder bar and Aldan American coil overs

Th400 Reverse pattern manual.


04-30-2016, 11:37:23 PM
Decked .030 1978 454
Flat tops
Vortec heads with a little work, changes over to adjustable valve train, 98cc chambers, about 10-1
Weiand Stealth
Slayer 750
Elgin 226/226 521 521 with comp cams 1.72 rockers, cut on a 108
1.75 headers
Ls6 converter, th 400
Stock mono leafs
3.08 gear

runs strong and you can drive it anywhere.