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07-19-2005, 08:51:00 PM
Here is the combo that I had before I striped my car down to the frame.

350 flattop pistons
Performer Intake
Holley 600vac sec
Stock 882 heads about 8.5compression
Headers, dual exhaust
TH350 trans with stock converter
3.42 rear end
Blue Racer Cam 1103 duration at .05 204I 214E lift .420I .442E

Overall this has been a good combination for a street car, but now that I'm converting the car to a 4 speed I would like a little more power and RPMs.

The tech guy at Lunati recommended the voodoo 60102, but the voodoo +springs + lifters, is just out of my budget.

In the competition products catalog I found a kit with an Elgin cam, lifters, and z28 springs that I can afford.
Elgin cam E1166 duration at 05 216I 228E Lift .453I 480E Lobe Center 112

Would this be a good choice for a weekend streetcar?

1998 Camaro - Daily Driver

1980 Z28 - Much assembly required!

07-19-2005, 09:29:00 PM
Please consider a Summit one step over the one you have!

The 214/224 cam.

I mention it b/c you said you are KINDA bucks down is all.. AND I figure less than a "C-Note" is good valve for a cam and lifters..

I wouldn't go any bigger b/c of your 8.5 CR!!

ANd I figure a CC 260HE about right, imho.... What's it $119 or so from Summit less lifters???

ANd you might try Delta if you want to furnish a core and get onna their regrinds..

Really down the line in price to me...

AND don't get me wrong, b/c Harold's/Lunati's VooDoo line is GREAT, although rather pricey..


07-19-2005, 10:03:00 PM
i would consider the comp 280H?
You are low on compression and need different heads though.