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  1. midtens
    Just purchased a 1974 camaro
  2. Shizzle
  3. tbarr396
    tbarr396 joes1971
    Joe, were you the one looking for the small heater hose?
  4. john1952
    Hi: my name is John , I am currently restoring a 70 split bumper car . Hope to be it about a year from now or sooner. will be blue / white .
  5. john1952
    hi: my name is john , my occupation is auto body & paint . self employed currently restoring a 70 split bumper Camaro.
  6. Pat81z28
    Looking for driver side t top 81 Camaro
  7. Scott Sievers
    Scott Sievers 71RSLS
    Gimme a call if you go to the Swap meet tomorrow! 641-919-6531 Scott.
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    2. patroll
      Hey Scott , I don't know where you live ,I have 2 NEW fenders for sale , 1970-1977 right and left Camaro fenders . Any suggestions on trying to sell them I live just inside of South Carolina 4 miles from Augusta,Ga.
      Sep 16, 2018
    3. Scott Sievers
      Scott Sievers
      I know a couple guys with the older camaros, but they are all sitting on the cars waiting for someone else to spend the money to fix them up.
      Sep 18, 2018
  8. FlaJunkie
    Sorta Stock 1970 Z28...
  9. FlaJunkie
    FlaJunkie Z28huggerRS
    Another person with a stock 70 Z28! Great!
  10. Z28huggerRS
    Runnin' with the Devil........