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  1. drewclonezap
    My name is Drew Talbert. I was born and raised in the racing state of NC
  2. drewclonezap
    Everyone has a first gen Camaro,I wanted one still cool, just not another first gen
  3. drewclonezap
    I found your website site interesting.
  4. drewclonezap
    Hey guys, I am a new member from Eden NC. I am driving a 73 Camaro.
  5. JIMS75
    greetings-Info- I ordered and still own the only 1975 Z/28 made in 75-it was not used and destroyed by the factory-still have paperwork
  6. Hulk_smash
    Painted my block just have to put things together
  7. Sled
    Sled admin
    Hi. I am a new member. On the 26th I had a fire in my car. I grabbed my kidde fire extinguisher and it did not work. A 3lbs one. Lost the interior of my car. Did some research and they had recalled 4.3 million of these for not working. If you goggle it you will see. It sucks that it did not work. Can somebody spread the word. Thank god nobody got hurt. It almost burnt my house down.
  8. buildinmy73
    Keep on Keepin on.
  9. bwjones1492
  10. Buckhunter 413