How to Fix a Warped Camaro Dashpad

How to Fix a Warped Camaro Dashpad

Camaro Dashboard

The Problem

This will look familiar to many owners of Second Generation Camaros. The factory dashboards tend to warp and peel over time.

Camaro Dashboard

The Problem (continued)

Another look at the same car.

The most obvious approach to fixing this problem is to go down to the Chevy dealer and buy a new dash. Fuggehaboutit. Chevy sold out of these when Madonna was really a virgin.

Reproduction dashes are available, but they are expensive and they don't fit well. In addition, you need to remove the factory dash to install the repro.

Camaro Dashboard

The Dash Cap Fix

The dash cap is basically a veneer...a light weight cover that goes over your existing dash. This repair can look great if you take the time to straighten the existing warped dash.

This is more easily done with the windshield out of the car, but it can be done with it installed as well. In a nutshell, you force the dash straight by screwing it down to the metal cowl. I used button head bolts to do mine.

Camaro Dashboard

Get Screwed (or bolted)

Here you see the dash screwed (or bolted) down to the cowl. In additon, the high spots in the waves were shaved down with a razor blade. At this point, you do whatever you need to do to get the factory dash straight. You will soon be concealing your "shadetree engineering" with the dash cap.

Camaro Dashboard
Different Car
If you carefully at the top of the dash in this picture you will see the telltale screws as well. As soon as the dash cap is installed these screws will be hidden from view.

The dash cap installs very easily....a few dabs of silicon (included with the dash cap) are all you need.
Camaro Dashboard

Here are the "after" photos from the first car. The same ugly factory dash is in the car, but the cap has effectively concealed the repair work.

The dash cap is extremely light weight, but it conforms beautifully to the contours of the dash. It will not fool a "concours" judge, but most guys want presentable functionality and are generally not concerned with factory "correctness". If you are a "purist", then this approach is not for you.

Camaro Dashboard

More Results

Here is an "after" shot of the red car.

The dash cap fix is inexpensive as compared to a reproduction dash and you do not have to remove the original dash, which is a 100% genuine USDA inspected "pain in the rear".

Last updated: 1/29/2004
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